Exec Minutes 10-11-2009

Tue 10 Nov Meeting Minutes


Connor Dunn, Chris Sinjakli, Claire Thomas, Tim Monks, Nathan Wong, Anees Ahee, William Harris, Ben Falconer, Rebecca Chui, Vincent Poon


Matt Alves, Tomas Pilar


Gaming arrangements

The point was raised that there are some people who attend gaming who would like made available a quieter environment to code or work in.
Monk suggested that the MSc lab in DCS could be used by these people, but concerns were raised about the room’s accessibility. It was suggested instead that Rock Band be moved back into CS0.01 in order that CS0.06 could be made quieter. This motion passed a unanimous vote provided volumes were kept reasonable and Rock Band moved into the far corner.

Action : Rock Band to be moved back into main gaming room, quieter work and programming to be encouraged in CS0.06

Clothing order

The design of the hoodie was broadly agreed upon as being similar to previous years’ but with an updated logo and the addition of a large print of it on the rear of the garment. It is hoped that the order can be made by the end of term.

Action: Connor will obtain quotes from various companies.


Connor said that this would happen on Wednesday evening in week 8. It will take the format of a speed programming competition. Accenture have agreed to sponsor it, and their sponsorship funds should hopefully be coming through soon, but all material related to the event will include their name/logo.

Action: Connor to pass on information about event to Trip.
Action: Trip to update previous progcomp posters with appropiate details and add the Accenture logo.

Week 6 LAN

Details of the LAN were discussed. Techteam will organise setup from 7PM onwards.

Action: Estel and Azurit to discuss prize tournament
Action: Mogmiester to unbook PS1.28 and book Lib1
Action: Estel to create pizza order event
Action: Estel to send out general LAN email
Action: Sinjo to ask Roger for trolley

Mailing lists

It was discussed that the exec often recieve requests for services / job adverts from various parties both inside the University and from outside companies. It was agreed that it did not seem appropiate to send these either to compsoc-discuss, where they seem spammy, or compsoc-jobs, which is too specific. Instead, a new mailing list, compsoc-interest will be set up where the exec can send these advertisements. The list will be opt-in, and a digest of any posts to it will be included in the weekly newsletter.

Action: Connor to set up new list and email members about its existance

Left4Dead 2 tournament

It was suggested that the society could run a Left4Dead2 tournament on the game’s release next week. The possibility of advertising this to the campus at large and setting up a dedicated website was also discussed.

Action: Estel to organise details of L4D2 tournament

Any other business

Actions from the previous meeting that have not been completed were reactioned:

Action: Monk to add the society logo to the SU webpage
Action: Sinjo to attend first aid training (when available).
Action: the entire exec (except Trip) to review and amend the Health Risk Assessment form.
Action: Pepper to contact Wing Wahs
Action: monk to produce a list of alumni and pass to pepper
Action: pepper to contact alumni about reunion plans
Action: pepper to create an event for the Christmas meal
Action: monk to email -discuss about FOSDEM trip