Term 1 Week 3

Sun 18 Oct Newsletter

Hello Compsoc!

After a lengthy discussion at Friday's exec meeting, we have decided
that we will no longer be advertising food as part of the pre-gaming
social. You can order food if you want, but please be aware that even
if the dirty duck is full, we won't be moving over to Rootes Social
building or the like. If you liked food at the social and think this was the
wrong decision to make, or if you have any other ways you think that
the society could be improved, you should come along to the exec
meeting next Monday and have your say on how the society is run!
Note that there is no Exec meeting this week.

There are also a lot of Warwick Game Design events running this week,
including a workshop followed by a console social on Wednesday. Please
check the events page of our website for up to date information about
what's going on this week.

There is also a talk on Wednesday about how to get the most from your
shell account. Every member is entitled to a free shell account, which
can be used for IRC, website hosting and lots of other interesting tricks.
If you want to come along to the first academic talk of the year (which I
really recommend you do) you should ask for a shell account at

This week's events
Pub Social on Mon, 19th October

WGD Workshop on Wed, 21st October

Tutorial on Wed, 21st October

WGD Console Social on Wed, 21st October

WGD Meeting on Thu, 22nd October

WGD Social on Thu, 22nd October

Pre-Gaming Social on Fri, 23rd October

Gaming Session on Fri, 23rd October

Chatting with us
We also recommend you connect to our IRC network so you can chat to our
members a bit and get to know them. It's the best way to get to know members
of the society, and there are always people online to talk to.

Find out more at: http://uwcs.co.uk/cms/about/services/irc/

Web Hosting
If you're interested in hosting, you'll want to go to http://uwcs.co.uk/member/
and fill in the request form for a shell account. You'll need to make a separate
request for database account (a MySQL account) if any of your sites
use that (for example WordPress).

Further Info
If you have any other questions, http://uwcs.co.uk/cms/about/faq/ is a
good place to start, and you can always drop us a line at

I hope you have a good week, and look forward to seeing you at our

Matthew Alves/Mogmiester