Exec Minutes 16-10-2009

Fri 16 Oct Meeting Minutes


Mogmiester, Estel, Sinjo, bakaidiot_, dangerman, JcO, Dirtus, monk, mulletron, azurit, Connorhd, Zaer, zed0, Trip, pepper



Monk talked to sadiq who recommended lots of games. Monk emailed them to discuss to get people talking about what games they would like. These things need to be added to backus and YAAL.

Action: mulletron will add Starcraft and Peggle, Estel will sort out steam, and Azurit will add other games that people want.

Old wine let you play LAN games, specifically on Warcraft 3, however the new wine lets you play on battle.net. It would be nice to let people download and host whichever games they want. DCS were meant to open ports, and mulletron will speak to Richard Cunningham to check.

Action: mulletron to talk to Richard Cunningham about ports.

Monk updated warsow, it is now the same version as the server on arora.

Mulletron can switch to old wine for wc3 if necessary.


Connorhd implemented a new system so YAAL downloads from DCS machines if the game is available. It uses port 9020 on local machines, and killing the new distribution system means that the old one is used instead, in case anything goes wrong. It has already been tested.

Connorhd and Sinjo will preload games onto machines before gaming, and monk and azurit will set up the Xbox 360.

Action: Connorhd, azurit, monk and Sinjo need to turn up early to set up.

Monk will ask if people want a ladder for Street Fighter 4. The ladder will start tonight. Monk will also ask if people want a small casual tournament, which Estel suggested, and Azurit will organise this if people want it.

Azurit wished to do a larger tournament announced around two weeks in advance to being played, with publicity and prizes.

Monk wants “Game X at Y o’clock” at gaming to add structure to the evening and prevent things getting to cliquey.


Accenture will give us £500, they are doing an event which we will need to advertise. They will email Connorhd with more details. They have also offered to run a team building exercise, which they will again email us about. They are also coming to progcomps with freebies/prizes.

Action: Exec to do team building exercises when they become available.


The talk will be held in S0.10. The exec going to the talk need to meet in DCS beforehand to walk people down. We also need posters with arrows to point people in the right direction. Advertising for it will be done on the DCS info board, posting on the course forums and asking CS133 lecturers to mention it.

Action: Connorhd to talk to DCS secretaries to get advertising on the board, and to CS133 lecturers, and monk to post on the forums.
Action: Monk, Sinjo, pepper and Connorhd to write the talk, monk will make a google docs of it.

Any Other Business

Estel wants to know if people still want to go to the Dirty Duck. Everyone still wishes to go there. However, getting food is proving to be time wasting and too much hassle to organise, so we will stop advertising food and just have a friendly drink.

Pepper suggested eating at DCS with food from takeaways, but the exec agreed we should not be advertising eating in DCS.

Trip needs to correct the flyer sizes so that they are the correct size to fly campus. We also need to get 5000 flyers, with space to sticker them for individual events.

Action: Trip to correct flyer sizes.