Exec Minutes - 7th May

Thu 07 May Meeting Minutes


Dirtus, Trip, Estel, bakaidiot_, Demo, pepper, connorhd, Twinklefeet, sadiq, Sinjo, monk, Mogmiester, dangerman




IBM sponsorship

Following on from a meeting earlier in the week, IBM have agreed to again sponsor us, with the details to be decided at a later date. A trip to Hursley is being planned for term 2 of next year which ought to be funded in large part by them. It’s possible that a trip to IBM Warwick would be possible for those people that could not make the former trip.

Cleaning up after gaming

Binbags should be provided at gaming. Action: Azurit or Estel to purchase bin bags to excess and have them placed in the cupboard.

KOEI event

Sinjo reported that the KOEI event for week 10 of the term has been sorted, with final details being left to Animesoc.

Exec biographies

Biographies have been done.
Action: Mogmiester to chase up those that have not made a page yet

Inter-compsoc gaming

Estel reported that he has talked to some other compsocs with respect to inter-University gaming activities: but there has not been much interest. Action: He should come up with a list of awesome ideas for things to do that can be placed to the other Universities, preferably with dates such that there’s no bickering.

DCS alumni event

The DCS alumni event is going on. Action: Connor to see if DCS have anything in particular that they think we can contribute to it.


The end of term BBQ was discussed: site 2 has not been booked yet, but it was decided that we should instead book the site on the big field behind JM; Connor volunteered to discover the relevant site number.

LAN stuff

Preparations for LAN were discussed. Action: Estel to contact estates to check that the climate control was set appropiately. After much discussion, a temperature of 18 degrees was decided upon.


Monk reported that the SU said inter-society money transfers were fine; said he was waiting for Animesoc to write out an invoice before money transfer for the projector was finalised.


The future of the LUG was discussed. Action: Monk to come up with a suggested list of LUG activities to be arranged for next term in order that it can be more active for the new year.

Colo server

Future colocation of a server was discussed.
Action: monk and sinjo to look into the costings for this.