Minutes - 30th April

Thu 30 Apr Meeting Minutes


Mogmiester, Dirtus, Pepper, connorhd, Sinjo, Agaeki,
dangerman, Demo, bakaidiot_, Estel, Trip, mulletron, monk, azurit,

IBM will be coming to campus. Connorhd suggested next week

The new website has been rolled out.
There have been password problems, and 200 accounts have been
disabled. Connorhd needs to delete the emails with passwords in them.
The locations on the website have lots of duplicates. Someone needs to fix this.
Trac needs to accept anonymous bugs, and so captcha needs to be installed.
Action: Sinjo needs to email mulletron when the automatic bug tracker
has been installed

Trac needs to be made to work with exec meeting actions.
Action: Mogmiester to ticket someone to teach him how to ticket, so he
can ticket tickets in the future.

Estel needs to make biography pages for the exec to change.

Star trek movie will be seen on Saturday, pepper needs to email
announce & create an event.

Connorhd needs to speak to Steve Russ seeing if UWCS can help with the
DCS alumni event.

Pepper needs to email alumni and see if they want anything in
particular to do for the Alumni event.

Estel needs to sort out the LAN stuff, like aircon etc.

The KOEI event will be held in the last week of term in lib1, but not
on a wednesday

Pepper needs to get the bbq form, and book site 2 for the weekend of
week 9. She also needs to bucko if we can borrow his bbq. Also
organise go karting.

UWCS will not help with open day as we are going to see star trek

Monk needs to buy anime project, and buy another one.

Sinjo will look at getting a new case for backus, and coloing it.
Monk will look into getting colo into the budget.
Get murmur put on the colo.

Trip needs to make new leaflets, and mulletron needs to work out where
to ask for them to be distributed to new students.

Estel needs to email other unis for inter uni gaming.