New website

Tue 28 Apr News Item

As you should be able to see, today we have rolled out a new website. We hope that you like it, and find it easier to use. However, please note the following:


Despite best testing efforts, things will be broken and/or have some bugs in them somewhere. If you think this might be the case, you should join the website irc channel, and point out what you think is wrong. If this is confirmed then you should file a ticket. It is highly possible that something may break as a result of the website rollout, or migration of data from the old website. If you think that the data is incorrect, for example duplicate location entries for the same room, then you should point that out to an exec member.

Guest Accounts

If had a guest account on the old website then your guest account will have been removed (some seemed old and had incorrect information in). If you require a guest account for some future event, you should ask an exec member to create one for you.

Service Information

The information for the current quota, database and shell account values is based on that in the database on the old website. It has been recollected to some extent in order to attempt to correct it, however, due to the size of this information it is possible that it is incorrect. When you login you should look at whether you have a shell account, database account and what quota level you have and if it is incorrect, you should report it to an exec member.

Layout/Ongoing improvements

There is a trac (issue tracking) instance for the new website, at For any new feature requests or suggested improvements, you should submit a ticket here. Please look to ensure that there isn’t a ticket already outstanding that covers your issue. In the medium term you should submit any bugs to this trac, we are currently only requesting bugs on irc, in expectation of issues being found immediately after deployment.


In order to help with exec organisation there is a list of tickets in order to assign jobs to people. This can be used to raise issues formally and so the secretary and presidents can keep track of what the exec are doing. You can also use it in order to see what issues are currently outstanding, and what issues the exec, and individual members, have to do.

The exec would like to thank Mulletron, Odd_Bloke especially, and all other contributors to the project, for putting so much hard-work into getting the site where it is now.