Server Migration (APRIL FOOLS' JOKE)

Wed 01 Apr News Item

Hi everyone,

Hope you're all having a cracking Easter! Not too much going on events wise, but those cracking guys in the techteam have been hard at work planning for something quite big. In light of recent events with regard to the rise of the Conficker worm, we have decided to migrate our servers to Windows Server 2008. It was a tough decision but we couldn't leave the security of our servers at risk any longer. Patches which fix the vulnerability for Microsoft's Windows operating system have existed since November 2008, but we are yet to see a similar patch for any Linux distribution.

While we still like and encourage the idea of Free and Open Source Software (often known as FOSS), we do not feel that such software, often just written in people's spare time, can compare to the professionally made software on offer from Microsoft. Perhaps in a few years time when companies have a greater hand in directing open source development things will be brighter, but for now the decision is made.

Steps have been taken to ensure compatibility with the new software, and the website has undergone a rewrite using ASP.NET with a Microsoft SQL Server 2008 backend.

We appreciate your patience during this transition, and any downtime which it may entail.

Happy Hols!

(Hope you all had a fun April Fools' Day)