Exec Minutes - 5th March 2009

Thu 05 Mar Meeting Minutes


Tim Monks (monk)
Matthew Alves (Mogmiester)
Nathan Wong (Estel)
Chris Sinjakli (Sinjo)
Connor Dunn (Connorhd)
Tomas Pilar (Azurit)
Rebecca Chui (Trip)
Thomas Blake (Twinklefeet)
Michael Tandy (alskdj)
Richard Warburton (mulletron)
Anees Ahee (dangerman)
Benedict Falconer (Zed0)
Nick Ridgeway (Agaeki)


Claire Thomas (pepper)


Monk has not finalised the budget yet. He will present it to the exec
next exec meeting
Action: Monk to finish budget

Gaming handover

Action: Mulletron will give connorhd and Sinjo the password to the gaming logon for DCS.

Roger said that he would like the phone numbers of the current exec
so he can contact us if necessary.
Action: Someone to give Roger the phone numbers email

The cleaners are apparently huffing kittens. Either that or they would
like the gaming to be left spotless after we use it.
Action: Exec to bring binbags to gaming and make sure it is clean
after friday night, and bin bags to be taken out to bins

Roger would also like to know about the exec a bit more.
Action: Exec to write biographies over easter to be put onto new site

IEEE Update

The IEEE student chapter is not happening any more, the department are
not too interested and it is not something we can do on our own.

Publicity team

A publicity team is not needed til we have something to publicise, so
at the moment is not necessary.

Animesoc projector purchase

Action: Monk to talk to Pam about money for projector

Xbox usage

The Xbox360 is not being used enough at the moment to justify buying
new games. If interest picks up then maybe we can look to buy more.
Action: Xbox360 to pull it’s finger out and come to gaming. Failing
that, the gaming officer should bring it along to gaming and LANs


LAN setup will occur at 7, and the entire exec should be there to help set up.


RTSsoc seemed to have dissappeared, and so the Ghosts need to be
deployed against them.


Action: Sinjo needs to email biosoc about the website that raeped codd
and ITS to ask about backus ports being opened.

Equal ops

The exec needed a member of it to be trained in equal opportunities.
Estel volunteered for this.
Action: Estel to be equal ops man.

And then there were cookies. :D