Term 2 LAN 2

Wed 04 Mar News Item

Once again we hit that time of term when a weekend can be wholly devoted to the honest, clean and outdoors fun of a good LAN party. For those of you who haven't been before (or in a little while), you might want to read the what to do [0] and bring [1] guides on the website, an indispensable tool for all potential attendees. I would also like to draw your attention to the Pizza Order [2] on the website, which we'll be making from Dominos and should arrive 9 or 10PM on Friday. At 50% off, there surely can't be any drawbacks to having at least two large pizzas to yourself.

Wishing you all a good L4D/Empire LAN,
Gaming Officer

[0] - "http://uwcs.co.uk/gaming/lans/whattodo":http://uwcs.co.uk/gaming/lans/whattodo
[1] - "http://uwcs.co.uk/gaming/lans/whattobring":http://uwcs.co.uk/gaming/lans/whattobring
[2] - "http://uwcs.co.uk/society/events/details/1045":http://uwcs.co.uk/society/events/details/1045