Exec Minutes - 30th October 2008

Thu 30 Oct Meeting Minutes


Tim Monks (monk)
Raj Shukla (Natural20)
Nathan Wong (Estel)
Hammad Qureshi (Dr)
Adish Ramabadran (Viruk)
Nicolas Pope (knickos)

Speed Programming Competition Sponsors

Hammad had been in contact with SunGuard to see if they were interested in sponsoring us. Apparently they had expressed such an interest, Hammad has followed this up with another email, but as it stands there was no reply - so nothing confirmed yet.
Hammad also mentioned that Morgan Stanley had expressed an interest in showing a handful of people around their offices sometime soon - with transport costs covered. If we were willing to transport people ourselves, then potentially more could visit.

Action: Monk to also start looking into sponsorships.

Plasma Screens

Dr mentioned that the DCS wanted CompSoc to advertise a few events on the Plasma Screens in the DCS. It was decided that Nick would be our Plasma Screen Officer, and that if CompSoc wanted to advertise anything in the Plasma Screens, Nick must be informed.

Exec Meeting Timings
Exec Meeting Timings

1pm on Thursday was found to be inconvenient for some members of the Exec. It was decided that the spreadsheet (where exec members enter their busy times) must be filled up once again

Action: All exec members to look at their timetables and fill up the spreadsheet.

Real Ale Festival

It was decided that the CompSoc Real Ale Festival Social would be held on the Thursday. It was also decided that members could go to the Real Ale Festival if they wanted to on Friday and Saturday (LAN Weekend), but it would not be a CompSoc Social as such.

Guest Lectures

Originally JcO (Jason Cook) had requested that we give three possible dates to his dad so that he could arrange a talk. Hammad has infact already sent out some dates (basically the Wednesdays in week 6, 7 and 8)

monk has been in contact with Adam Chester, and decided on a topic for a talk by a SUN engineer (an overview of the features of Solaris). Currently there is no actual date set though, so we need to be careful that the guest lecture from SUN does not clash with the Team Cymru one.

Action: Dr to get in touch with JcO about the talks to be given by Team Cymru.
Action: Monk to get in touch with Adam Chester about the guest lecture by SUN.

LAN Signups

The issue was raised due to there being 56 signups, and we currently have it capped at 54. Last time we had a lot of power problems, and on a weekend long LAN that would cut into a lot of people’s gaming time. Unfortunately, there is no real guarantee that capping at 54 will prevent power problems, but we decided we should cap it here.

There was also discussion of introducing a one monitor per person rule, to reduce the chance of power cuts further.


Zed0 brought up that not being able to see the minutes on planet made him sad. So we decided there should really be someone to do this, instead of leaving them on the exec list.

Reasons for this being me - He is the only person on the exec with SVN access /o\

Action: Monk to SVN commit all the minutes for exec meetings from now on.

C, C Talks and Teaching

Steve Matthews himself has apparently expressed that he would welcome anything like this from UWCS or WUGLUG to compliment the C programming done in the CS241 course. monk questioned his sanity.

It was decided that Monk would give a lecture on “Introduction to C”.
It was decided that Knicos would give a lecture on “C Primer”. (This was already a planned event for Warwick Game Design)
It was decided that Dr would give a lecture on “Advanced Topics in C”

monk also wondered how many talks we would be committing to - we came to the conclusion we should just do these ones and see how popular they are.