Exec Minutes - 17th October 2008

Fri 17 Oct Meeting Minutes


Tim Monks (monk)
Raj Shukla (Natural20)
Nathan Wong (Estel)
Tomas Pilar (Azurit)
Richard Warburton (mulletron)
Matthew Alves (Mogmiester)


Adish Ramabadran (Viruk)
Hammad Quereshi (Dr)
Nicolas Pope (knickos)

Exec Meeting Time

Clearly there have been problems with picking an appropriate time for the exec meeting. Based on the spreadsheet that monk set up, it seems like Thursday afternoon would be best. Currently Adi and Hammad haven’t replied saying when isn’t good for them.

Action: monk to email mailing list poking Adi and Hammad about this.

Progcomp Prizes

Progcomp has been marked, and people have been asking as to when they would get their prizes. Bucko had brought this up by email, suggesting that the LAN might be an appropriate time. On the basis that this was still ages away, and that we should give out the prizes sooner rather than later, mullet and monk came to the conclusion that the prizes could be given out at the next WUGLUG meeting (Wednesday 22nd of October).

Action: mullet to email progcomp winners about this

Weekly Newsletter

Natural20 said that he was happy to keep doing this from now on. Everyone present seemed happy with this, although the suggestion of writing a cronjob which emulates Natural20 doing this was suggested.

Mullet asked Natural20 to mention in #exec whenever he posts it to announce, so someone else can check and confirm it. These should be going out every Monday evening!

LAN Times

The exec have pulled a fluff_eei and booked the rooms from 8pm onwards. monk suggested that we just officially start the LAN an hour later, so that people wouldn’t turn up, get annoyed, be in the way, etc for setup. In the past there have been nobody in the rooms before we start, mullet suggested that we should try getting room bookings to give us the 7-8 slot, too.

Action: monk to check out how booked the rooms are this weekend
Action: Adi to contact room bookings ASAP to try and get us the rooms from 19:00

Fresher’s Social

Natural20 wants the Xbox 360 for the fresher’s social so that at least some people don’t get bored. It is still being stored in mullet’s office! (along with a load of other stuff, another issue for later). mulletron said he was happy to come along to the social with the 360 as long as there were good snackies to eat.

Action: mulletron to eat snackies
Action: monk to buy snackies for said snacking. In particular, clementines.

Pre Gaming Social

Since we are the worst exec in the history of the universe, we have been sucking at arranging pre gaming socials. These used to happen at bar fusion, but after discussion it was decided a new place should be used (??). There has been a slight bias towards the grad @ cholo, and mulletron, Estel and Natural20 all agreed that this worked quite well, after having just eaten there. So it must be true!

The only problem is that the beer and burger deal ends at 6:30, so we would have to push the social to 6:15 or 6:00, and probably start gaming earlier too.

Action: Natural20 to put down pre gaming socials on the events

List of Shame

Mulletron pointed out that a few members of the exec failed to carry out their actions from.. 2 weeks ago!

monk - shamed for not sending the quota details to nick
Adi - claimed to be bringing Costa from warwick entrepreneurs, but.. didn’t turn up :s

Action - BadgerBOT to shame said people on the list.