Fresher's Fair Volunteering

Fri 26 Sep News Item

So it's that time of year again where we attempt to brainwash freshers into giving up their souls and joining our ranks of nerdery and awesome.

Unfortunately, whilst brainwashing is good in theory we need people to carry out said brainwashing on our behalf.

As such we need volunteers to man the stalls for the fresher's fair, signups have already been posted on the Events page so if you've got a free hour or two on Monday or Tuesday of week two between 9 and 4:30 then the rest of the exec and I would be really grateful for your help.

Furthermore, brainwashing is ineffective without catchy slogans and dancing monkeys to reel people in. So if you've got any bright ideas as to how we can attract an even greater swarm of zombies to our cause then please feel free to mention them to the exec. Games consoles, TVs and such would be most welcome.

With that said, enjoy the beginning of term.

Natural 20
(Brainwashed) Socials Officer