Exec Minutes - 18th June 2008

Wed 18 Jun Meeting Minutes

Present: monk, Hammad, Nick, Mulletron
Apologies: Estel, Adi, Azurit

Academic Talks

Hammad has organised Microsoft and Moloney Research to come in on Thursday week 10. Microsoft want to see what VGDsoc have produced, and also are interested in doing some kind of talk, though we are not sure what on.

Action: Hammad to email Microsoft to find out what there plans for the talk are.

Moloney research want to give some kind of Resume workshop, they want ~30 people to send in their resumes in advance so that they can talk about them. The general concensus is that we need to advertise this, fast, and lots.

Action: Monk to put up an event for the talks
Action: Hammad to prepare leaflets
Action: Hammad to book rooms for talks
Action: Nick to ask for advert on both DCS and Sunion website

Hammad also asked if we could have a career-event@warwickcompsoc.co.uk alias set up, to be forwarded to him (and maybe some other people on the exec).


Progcomp 3 has still not been marked. We need testing scripts written first. Monk said he would look at writing some this evening. Nick pointed out that he won’t really be able to mark anything between now and Tuesday, when he will be leaving for a 5 week holiday. >_<

Hammad said that he still really wants the progcomp prizes to be given out during week 10, infact he says we should do it on the same day of the talks. (Good for attendance, better than doing it at the BFL etc. )


mullet brought up that we might want to arrange the tables in lib2 differently for BFL. monk thought that it would actually be quite hard to do this, so we might just have to restrict how many people can sit on each row.

Air conditioning has been investigated, we emailed the person who has access to the remote administration for this, but he seemed not to know how (or if it is even possible) to control lib2 by computer after the recent refurbishment. He did seem to think that he would at least be able program it locally in the worst case. We decided that it would definitely be a good idea to politely remind him and emphasise how bad it would actually be if we had 60 machines in there with no AC on.

Action: monk to sort this out by phone, or in person, just to keep on top of things.

Old Accounts

mullet kindly pointed out that we are allowed to offer services to people as long as we are not running it as some kind of business. monk said that he wanted to sort out the people’s accounts (at least one person had paid us) tonight.

Action: monk and Nick to ensure that people who had accounts from before have their accounts reactivated (that evening)
Action: monk and Nick to look into modifying the database lightly (or just using something else in the existing schema) in order to keep track of which ex-members have accounts.


mullet asked if Hammad had talked to Accenture about sponsorship. We had originally hoped to have sent off a proposal to them, but we have not yet written said proposal. So no.

Action: monk to sort out the template for the proposal

“We are going to be the BEST computing society ever!” - Hammad Qureshi, Computing Society Academic President