Minutes - 21st May 2008

Wed 21 May Meeting Minutes

Present: monk, Azurit, Hammad, Brad, Mullet, Nick
Apologies: Raj (Natural20), Adi (Viruk), Estel
Location: DCS Undergrad Labs

Spoof email issue

We established the situation so far. monk and Adi attempted to contact
Tom Callow to arrange a meeting, again, this time resorting to leaving
a note on his door asking to contact us about the issue. On Tuesday
Adi received a phone call from Tom Lindsay saying that he wasn’t
sure/couldn’t remember what the issue was, and that he would talk to
Tom Callow about it. He said that they would contact us back if they
were still concerned, basically. There has been no contact from either
Tom Callow or Tom Lindsay since.

A decision needs to be made about whether we should try again to
arrange a meeting, it was pretty much agreed that we have done enough
already, and that we can leave the issue now, unless we are contacted.


Currently Raj is negotiating with paintball, and Adi is arranging the
BBQ. Not much more to say.


Hammad had been in contact with Microsoft to arrange a meeting, they
said that they would contact us, but have not yet done so. He has also
spoken to Maloney research.

Hammad asked whether mullet and monk would be willing to help him out
preparing some kind of proposal document for sponsors for the things
that we would like to arrange with sponsorship money.

Action: Mullet monk and Hammad to have a go at this proposal on Friday
at 5 before gaming.

Mullet said that he had forgotten to email the accenture contact for
us, in order to establish what our plans for next year are and to
report back on the last progcomp.

Action: Mullet is to email the accenture contact after we have sorted
a proper proposal of our plans


monk has totally failed to order or even discuss this with anyone
other than Brad. He will have something to show next exec meeting.

Action: monk is to talk to the WUGLUG organising committee, and sort
out an order for DVDs ASAP.


Azurit said that he had spoken to bucko (currently president of
AnimeSoc) about borrowing their projector for gaming (for playing on
the Xbox). bucko said this was fine, and arranged a meeting with
Azurit on Friday before gaming to give him the projector. It will then
be temporarily stored in Mullet’s office until at least Tuesday, when
bucko will speak to his exec to discuss the idea of actually selling
us the projector.

We were unsure as to whether we actually want to buy it, it seems that
we will decide after we actually see how successful it is at gaming on

Deletion of old Codd accounts

Apparently this has not yet been done although emails have been sent to the relevant account owners.
It was brought up that there are scripts which will already help automate this process.

Action: Nick will look into archiving and removing these accounts