Exec Minutes - 18th February 2008

Mon 18 Feb Meeting Minutes

Present: Mullet, Brad,Estel,Monk,Bruce,Viruk,Tricky,Natural20


Natural 20 wanted to hold a few socials at the end of this term and
beginning of next term.

Action: Natural 20 to compsoc discuss social ideas and
dates(karting,meal,paintballing etc…..)

Gaming Order

Azurit and Estel have not ordered any gaming equipment yet.

Action: They are actioned to order some equipment soon.

Tech Officer/Deputy

It was discussed that a Tech Officer and some deputy’s needed to be
appointed. Tricky said that he would like to join the tech team. Mullet
mentioned that there was a Phd Student named Nick who was interested in
joining the tech team as well.

Action: Hammad to go and speak to Nick about joining the tech team ASAP.

Gaming Handover

It was discussed that a gaming handover needed to happen quite soon as
otherwise it meant that Mullet needed to be at every gaming session rom
the beginning till the end.

Action: Mullet to talk to DCS about gaming, and then proceed with the

Programming Competition

Mullet said that the society had 2 sponsors, and he had to hold a
programming competition sponsored by one of them. Hammad and Mullet are
supposed to organise it.

Action: Mullet and Hammad to organise Prog Comp.

ProgComp Prizes

Action: Monk and Bruce to sort out reciepts for progcomp prizes.

WE Society(Warwick Entrepreneurs)

Viruk brought up the idea of organising a competition along with WE
society (a sort of IT Business Idea competition, where anyone from the Uni
can take part in). Nobody opposed the idea, but the exec would like a more
detailed plan before brining the topic up again.

Action: Viruk to speak to someone from WE society and get more detailed