Exec Minutes: 21st November 2007

Wed 21 Nov Meeting Minutes

*Present* mullet,Brad,Monk,Azurit,Nat20,George

*Apologies* Si,Bruce

*MIA* Odd_bloke,Jc0

0. Pub Crawl

We agreed a pub crawl was a good idea, but Nat20 didn't know where was good.

ACTION: Nat20 email the discuss list for suggestions as to pubs.

1. Xmas Meal

Set for a week friday, in Wing Wahs. This is to happen before Gaming.

ACTION: Nat20 to sort out event and send out promotional email, Azurit
to move gaming back an hour.

2. Hursley

We decided not to run the Hursley trip.

3. Reuters

ACTION: George to send out Reuters emailed sent to compsoc-exec@

4. Sponsorship Website Link

We were emailed asking if we want "sponsorship" from companies in
order to link to their website. We decided we had enough money, and
only want serious sponsors.

ACTION: mullet to politely say no.

5. IBM Posters

ACTION: Bruce to drop finance card off at DCS reception
ACTION: George to use finance card to make poster copies
ACTION: Mullet+George to poster for the talk tomorrow.

6. Gaming Cancelled this week

Mullet apologised for cancelling gaming with little notice, no one
realised at the last exec meeting that it was in conflict with the