Exec Minutes - 7th November 2007

Wed 07 Nov Meeting Minutes

Present: Mullet, Si, OddBloke, Fluffeei, Bruce, Lucidion (Lucy), Brad,
JcO, Azurit, George, Lamby, Faux


Si asked if all future Society purchases can go through the Exec.
Generally purchases are supposed to be discussed by the Exec prior to
the orders being placed, this helps with accountability and budget


Exec agreed this would be 70 GBP.

LAN Planning

Faux said that no one has specified a setup time.

Fluffeei noted room is booked from 20:00 so there may not be any spare time.

Action: Si to ask Rob McClean if we can have LAN room from 19:00 on Friday.

JcO asked if co-gaming would happen on Friday?

Mullet replied that we had planned to.

Action: JcO, Azurit and Natural20 are to be added to Exec.
Action: JcO, Azurit are to handle seating plan.
Action: Mullet to change website
Action: Azurit/JcO to do Pizza order

Lamby reported that the tech team rota was OK for the LAN.

Talk Promotion

Mullet told the Exec that the promotion for the Functional Programming
talk had been OK but needed to be improved for future talks.

George put this down to late room booking on the part of Si.

Communication in Minutes

OddBloke stated that lack of minutes was not helping Exec meetings.

Si replied that he was working on it, major focus had been on covering
the academic talks, posters and other Exec related trivia.

Sponsorship Invoices

Bruce said that the Union still needed a signature in order to process
IBM sponsorship invoice.

Mullet replied that our contact at IBM said this had already been done.

Action: Bruce to check situation


Fluffeei asked about restructuring the gaming along the lines of tech
team and WUGLUG.

Action: OddBloke is to write proposal for Society restructuring.

JcO asked about gaming and DCS.

Action: Mullet to consult Roger Packwood on future of gaming in DCS.

Action: Fluffeei to pass ITS Account details to JcO, Azurit and Natural20