h4. Exec Minutes - 31st October 2007

Wed 31 Oct Meeting Minutes

Present: Mullet, Si, OddBloke, Fluffeei, Bruce, Brad, Lucy, Monk, George

The Exec begins by confirming the resignation of Mulletron (Richard Warburton) last week. The resignation was
received by email stating that the lack of progress in certain areas of the Exec and related issues
are making Mulletron unhappy to continue.

Bruce opens the meeting by confirming that Mulletron will remain in place whilst the Exec decide on how to

Mulletron confirms this and also confirms that gaming will run on Friday.

Mulletron proposes the co-option of Natural20 to Socials and Azurity and JcO to gaming officer.
For clarification the Exec confirms that Socials cover the Pub and LAN Socials. Gaming covers
LAN tournaments, seating plans, BFL etc.

ACTION: Brad to add members to Exec list
ACTION: Every exec member is to join CompSoc-Discuss
ACTION: Discussion is to move to compsoc-discuss for all non-private Exec communications.
ACTION: Exec are to change seating plan for the LAN.

Emergency General Meeting

Discussion rumbles on for a few minutes about how to proceed with a president resignation.

ACTION: Si to ask for Exec volunteers on a members email.


Lucy reports an incident where a person holding ops was able to kick someone who they were arguing with.
He told the Exec about the incident and how it could be viewed as personal. In future anyone holding ops
should not kick someone they are in dispute with.