Exec Minutes - 17th October 2007

Wed 17 Oct Meeting Minutes

Present: Mullet, Si, OddBloke, Fluffeei, Bruce, Brad, Lucy, Monk, Lamby, Sadiq

Technical Officer

Brad resigns as Technical Officer stating the heavy workload and issues with the position. There is too much
work for one person and this creates a long lag waiting for everything to get done.

Mulletron replies that the Exec voted for the installation of two tech deputies but that these positions
were unfilled. If they were it might lighten the load.

Brad answers that the time consuming task is often getting tasks allocated out and chasing them up as
needed. This presents a real distraction from getting the job done.

After much discussion the Exec agrees to:

After this Brad agrees to continue in position until a replacement can be found.


Mullet reports that IBM have changed the topics of their talks.


Lamby reports that there has been no movement on the LiveDVD.

ACTION: WUGLUG is to email spec for purchasing our own LiveDVDs
ACTION: CompSoc logo to go on LiveDVD printables


ACTION: Bruce to sign Accenture contract

Programming Competition 1

Is moved to Week 7.

ACTION: Mulletron, Si and George to form the Prog-Comp-Team

Clothing Order

ACTION: Sadiq to add clothing events


Si to email members about members-announce

Christmas Meal

Confirmed to be week 9.

ACTION: Sadiq to review places to go.
ACTION: Mullet to wear bow-tie to Christmas meal


ACTION: George to discuss Steve Matthews proposal of having Computing Society Exec member as a non-elected,
non-voting member of the SSLC.