Newsletter for 8 October 2007

Mon 08 Oct Newsletter


Firstly, welcome to the Computing Society - if you're a seasoned veteran of IRC or just a newbie OpenArena player there's lots planned for the next few weeks. A list of everything happening over the next few days is below, keep an eye out for any further updates.

--- Timetable --------------------------------------

This week:

(Please see: for updated list)

--- Notices ------------------------------------------

--- Phantom Coach Pub Social ------------

The Social starts at 18:30 at the Phantom Coach on the A45 - Google Map here. At 18:15 a small group will leave from the outside the Department of Computer Science and head over to the pub.


Society Books: WUGLUG and CompSoc have the opportunity to request
sample review books from O'Reily, in return we have to write a small
review. You can request that we ask for a book by emailing the WUGLUG

Network Cable: Can be obtained by emailing the exec, cost 0.40 + 20p
per metre, e.g. 0.40 + (5 x 0.2) = £1.40 (5 metres), 0.40 + (10 *
0.20) = £2.40 (10 metres) etc.

Disk Space: Why not upgrade your CompSoc account disk quota? £2.50
for 500Mb, email the tech team to upgrade your account.


Thats all for now folks!

Si Hammond

Postgraduate - PhD,
High Performance Systems Group,
University of Warwick, UK