h4. Exec Minutes - 4th September 2007

Tue 04 Sep Meeting Minutes

Present: Mullet, Si, OddBloke, Fluffeei, Bruce, Brad
Location: Teamspeak

Elections for Exec Positions

Mullet started the meeting by asking which week we will hold an EGM to elect new members of the Exec.

Fluffeei proposed that we hold the EGM in Week 2 but close it to Freshers as they will only just have joined the Society.

Si said that the meeting would need to be open to all members assuming they are members by this point.

Action EGM is to be held in Week 2 of Term 1

Exec EGM Q+A

Si proposed that the Exec have a short question and answer session during the EGM to address concerns/issues members may have.

OddBloke asked if there would be the ability to pre-submit questions.

Mullet suggested a first come, first served approach.

Fluffeei disagreed, preferring on the spot questions.

Action Exec is to hold a Q+A during the EGM with questions from the floor.

Academic Talks

Polar was now not going to be returning to Warwick as the Academic Officer.

Mullet asked Si to start to try to book in Academic talks for term 1 in odd weeks.

Room Booking

Fluffeei told the Exec that the room booking system is broken thinking next academic year is in the past.

Action Fluffeei to email room booking information to Exec whenever the system allows booking

Societies Fair

OddBloke asked if we could position ourselves next to Anime.

Mullet made the suggestion that we have sweets on our stand.

Exec agreed to try to obtain a console to highlight gaming element of Society.

Action Exec to obtain a console -Sadiq will be banned from using it (:))

Brad asked whether the LiveDVD will be given out during the fair.

Action LiveDVD to be given out during the fair

Action Si is to produce a new poster for the fair if we have time.

Next Meeting

Week 1, Term 1.