Fri 22 Jun News Item

The BFL marches steadily closer, and there are a few things to announce before it all kicks off.

Power issues

Due to power constraints we will only be allowing you to bring one out of the following: 2nd monitor, fan, laptop, file server, console. If you do choose to turn up with more than one of them, you will be asked to wait and the power draw of all your equipment for the LAN will be measured. If this is below 360W, you will be allowed to use all your equipment. Otherwise we shall discuss what you can use at any one time. However, I would ask that as a general rule you stick to the one item only policy, to save on time and unnecessary faffing.

Arrival time and Signup

The final signup count is set at 50.

Out of courtesy I would ask that you arrive by 10pm on the Monday of the BFL (unless you are one of the handful not arriving on Monday) or send me an email to let me know that you will be late. To give the best deal to those on the reserves list your place will be forfeit if you do not arrive by 10pm or let me know that you’re going to be late. This will allow me to get those on the reserves list on where possible. That said, if you are on the reserves list, do not assume you will have a place, as this is reasonably unlikely to happen. If you are not coming if you could unsignup as quickly as possible, again to allow reserves the best deal.

On a further note, signups and the seating plan will be finalised on Friday at 6pm. This will give people who have serious issues with the seating plan to contact me if they need to move.

Pizza order

There is a pizza order up for the first night, from Sicily pizza, as Pizza Hut was so expensive last time we ordered.

Pub social

There will be a trip to Varsity at 6pm on the Tuesday. This is usually a popular way to get dinner during the LAN, so sign up (although not necessary) and come along.