Newsletter for 21 June 2007

Thu 21 Jun Newsletter

Exams (almost) over, BFL to come…


Here’s the weekly newsletter. Hope exams are going well, next week will be the BFL (in case you didn’t know) but there are lots of other events as well.


This Week and Week 10:


Society Books: WUGLUG and CompSoc have the opportunity to request sample review books from O’Reily, in return we have to write a small review. You can request that we ask for a book by emailing the WUGLUG list.

Network Cable: Can be obtained by emailing the exec, cost 0.40 + 20p per metre, e.g. 0.40 + (5 x 0.2) = &£1.40 (5 metres), 0.40 + (10 * 0.20) = &£2.40 (10 metres) etc.
Disk Space: Why not upgrade your CompSoc account disk quota? &£2.50 for 500Mb, email the tech team to upgrade your account.

Thats all for now folks!

Si Hammond
Postgraduate - PhD,
High Peformance Systems Group,
University of Warwick, UK