Exec Minutes - 19th June 2007

Tue 19 Jun Meeting Minutes

Present: Mullet, Sadiq, Si, OddBloke, Polar, Fluffeei, Bruce, Bucko
Apologies: Tim (away)

Bugzilla and Action Points

Bruce asked if we could put Action Points into Bugzilla.

Mullet asked if everyone had a Bugzilla account, everyone except Fluffeei did.

Sadiq suggested using a Wiki since Bugzilla was a nightmare for recording Action Points.

Mullet asked the Secretary if we could put future Action Points onto a Wiki when they become available.

Action Action Points to go on Wiki when servers become available.


Bucko stated that there had been no contact with members about the BFL despite agreeing to send an email.

Fluffeei said that the problem had been agreeing about the power.

Action Fluffeei to send email to members about BFL with Power restraints in it.

Sadiq asked what would happen to spare places if people don’t show up.

Exec agreed to allocate these in order to reserves but to make a phone available for people to telephone with any problems e.g. the car has broken down.

Bucko said that he would leave his phone whilst he went up the pub.

Action Fluffeei - to put into email if people aren’t coming need to tell us soon as possible.

Exec agreed to close the signups on Friday evening so Fluffeei has time to do seating plan.

BFL Names

Mullet said that we need name plates during the BFL.

Bucko said he will print them on his new laser printer.

Action Bucko to print name plates on new laser printer.


Bucko asked what the state of play was with bringing a server (and having enough power to use it).

Si said that surely this could count as a second monitor.

Action Fluffeei to add server to list of items which are restricted.

Mullet asked how we would deal with infringements to the Power rules.

Sadiq suggested we remove them from the LAN and/or ban them from future LANs

Exec agrees to deal with incidents on a per-incident basis. If needed then the equipment will be checked using Bucko’s power monitor.

Action Polar and Fluffeei to update UWCS website with details of power restrictions.

Polar confirms LAN will start at 11:00.

Exec at the LAN

Mullet asked if everyone will be there for setup?

Bucko will be there from 8 to help start the LAN, he will store stuff in his car.

Pizza Order

Fluffeei reported that A2B was not so good so we would probably go with Sicilian.

Action Fluffeei to ring Sicilian to ask for offers.

Polar asked if we could create a Pizza Event for orders and are we doing them every day?

Bucko suggested we did it at least for the first night, we can organize the rest at the LAN itself.

Action Polar/Fluffeei to create Pizza order event

Action Bucko to scan Sicilian Menu for LAN

Action Fluffeei to decide on BFL socials

BFL Security

Fluffeei asked who would look after the room? It usually needed to be an Exec member

Sadiq suggested we create a spreadsheet and then use this to see who is available.

Action Fluffeei to create spreadsheet for who is looking after room and when.

Action Polar to create a tech team rota.


Sadiq reported that clothing will arrive on Tuesday/Wednesday for the LAN and will be delivered to CS.

Bruce said that we will take money before giving the goods out (as a cheque).


Polar has sent the form to Accenture then received a reply from a new contact with another new form to fill on.

Action Polar to return new Accenture form.


Polar talked to IBM they are looking at LiveDVD/CD internally.


Action Mullet to email Stig.

Summer Exec Meeting

Action All Exec to check availability and post to Exec list.

Mini Prog Comp during LAN

Mullet suggested that we hold a (very) mini prog comp each day during the LAN.

Action Newsletter - competition will be open to anyone but prizes at the LAN, submission by Thursday mid-night.


Bucko asked what we were doing if it rains.

Mullet - no plans as yet.

Bucko suggested the purchase of a tent or gazebo in case of rain.

Action Mullet/Bucko to talk to each other about rain cover of some kind.

Bucko asked who will look after BBQ after the event as he wants to drink and can’t drive it home.

Mullet will keep in his room.

Union PayPal

Bruce said that at President’s Meeting in Union PayPal accounts appeared on the minutes with no specific detail.

No one on the Exec had heard of this.

Action Si to email Union to ask what situation is about this.

Next Meeting

To be arranged.