BFL Signups

Sat 02 Jun News Item

As I'm sure many of you are aware, as we approach the end of term 3 we also approach the busiest event in the Compsoc calendar: the BFL / Mega LAN, a 5 day LAN running from Monday 25th June to Friday 29th. This is our most oversubscribed event of the year, and so I am giving you fair warning that signups will be opening at 12:00pm midday on Sunday 3rd June for members and 12:00pm midday on Sunday 10th June for guests. For fellow freshers, be amply warned that the BFL fills up pretty sharpish, so get signup camping at 12:00.

For those of you who have been around for much longer, there will be a slight tweaking to the signup setup this year. As it will be last busy busy week of term, many people are only willing to commit a few days to the BFL, rather than the 5 that it runs for. To this end, there will be a full week event, as well as an event for each day. If you are not coming for the whole week then simply sign up to each of the days you will be attending, otherwise sign up for the week long event. The idea is to get the best tradeoff between ease of seating plan and fitting as many people in as possible.

Gaming Officer