Exec Minutes - 29th May 2007

Tue 29 May Meeting Minutes

Present: Tim, Mullet, Sadiq, Si, Bruce, Fluff_eei (5 minutes into meeting), Bucko
Apologies: Polar, Odd Bloke

Novell Presentation on Campus

Benji has emailed exec saying that Novell might be able to present on campus sometime next year. Exec were very pleased with prospect particularly if it could be on Mono as was being suggested.

Action Benji to confirm/Exec to confirm with Benji

Open Source Project

Si said we had not heard anything from the Alumni Office with regards the Open Source Project proposal yet.

Action Si to email Alumni Office with regards O.S.P.

Bruce asked whether we could package and distribute choob.

Sadiq said that this required lots of people to get involved to put the code into a state for download and may require some licence negotiations with Silver, Faux and others. Choob is apparently LGPL but the plug-ins written (JavaScript) may not be.

Mullet asked if this even was an OSP given the nightmare of licencing.

There was a discussion on the merits of choob.

Sadiq said that the core was well documented so it might be in a state where we could release it quickly.

The Exec agreed to re-visit the choob issue soon.

Mullet asked if we could discuss the Alumni OSP. Specifically - were we going to run it with DCS? and how are we going to run it?

Bucko said that getting more than 4 people involved without DCS would be difficult and that even with 4 it was quite a large OSP - it is likely to require to proper manager.

Mullet said that we needed to push forward with DCS in order to attract potential students.

Bucko replied that support from DCS may help contribution but it will take a lot of Exec effort to get the project started.

Sadiq said that we needed to get a firm idea together and make some of the bigger decisions (on project direction) early before we agreed on details to do with implementation etc. These were likely to appear once the project had started so having some clear aims early would be a good base on which to move forward.

Action Tech Team are to create a new OSP email list for potential contributors.

Sadiq proposed that we got this sorted over the summer/late term 3 so we could use it for promotion at the Freshers’ fair.


Tim stated that all servers in the cupboard were now secured ready for our ITS audit. Surewall is installed but not completely configured, this is a difficult task since there is no network. Fail2Ban and Strong password PAM modules are installed.

Mullet said that we needed to have Backus and Not-Naur tested by ITS so we could put them on the network.

Action Exec to read Security report ready for release to ITS.


Fluff_eei asked what was happening with gaming.

Mullet replied that due to administrative problems it will not be happening this week.

Sadiq (and Exec agreed) that Hot Fuzz had been good and that we should do it again.


Piggeh had contacted Fluff_eei/Exec to help organize a tournament.

Action Fluff_eei to do tournament organization with Piggeh for BFL.

There was a discussion of signups and how to let people who would only come for say one day of the BFL signup.

Si asked if we could have a signup for each day.

Bucko said that we could split the signups e.g. 50 for the week for people who attend BFL all the time and then say 5 floating signups for each day.

Action Fluff_eei to produce BFL email explaining signups - send to Exec before release to members.



Tim asked what was happening with regards Karma.

Mullet replied that it has been removed from the channel, there was currently a vote to bring it back but he felt that the atmosphere of the channels had improved and so we would need to consider what was our next move.


Bruce asked if this could go in the Newsletter.

Si said he would try to put it in there.


Sadiq is ready to place order when the printers re-open next week.


Action Tim to fix DNS and tell Polar how to fix it.