Exec Minutes - 15th May 2007

Tue 15 May Meeting Minutes

Present: Mullet, Sadiq, Odd Bloke, Bruce, Fluff_eei, Bucko
Apologies: Tim, Polar

ITS/Security Incident

Odd Bloke explained that a security incident had arisen on backus due to there being an account which was hacked. The box had been in development mode and the testing user, which had a weak password, was broken into. This had led to ITS isolating the cupboard and preventing any network based access.

Si explained that the current position was ITS were in the process of writing an incident report which when complete would allow us to have the box checked (by ITS). Once this is complete we can ask networks to re-enable our cupboard port. At the moment the report has not been completed but ITS have said they are looking into this. No personal data has been lost or obtained by the hacked account and it had not gained root access.

Si also explained he had been in contact with Carol Hall and Duncan Woodhouse to try to get this pushed along, both had said they were looking into it.

There was a discussion amongst the Exec of whether they thought that ITS would be able to get this done quickly or whether a temporary solution needed to be found.

Various proposals were discussed including off-site hosting, waiting for ITS, trying to obtain a new port at the Union or DCS.

Sadiq asked if tech team could try to get all of the cupboard services moved to Molotov for now.

Mullet stated that Faux was looking into moving IRC services, possibly tonight.

After more discussion, Mullet said that gaming would be affected since there was no server to download games from. He proposed to copy the data to a USB hard-disk and then either put this on a laptop or a workstation to act as a server. This was a temporary but neccessary move.

Action Sadiq to talk to Phil with regards hosting
Action Mullet to talk to SilentDave with regards hosting
Action Si to email Carol Hall again regards ITS


Sadiq reported that the clothing prices had been sent to the Exec.

Exec agreed to create an event for the clothing order where people could add what they wanted. Once estblished it will go in the Newsletter.

LAN Report

Si started by saying that the LAN had been very successful, there was a round of applause for all involved and much patting on backs.

Mullet told the Exec that not enough of them had turned up to help the clearing away.

Action Fluff_eei to check bookings for BFL

Pub Social (for LAN)

Mullet said that this had been pretty dis-organised.

Fluff_eei (who had a very quiet voice) said that this highlighted something he was unhappy with about the Society in general - that there were ‘old-boy’ groups who didn’t mix well. This meant that the Socials were often very fragmented.

Mullet asked if we could get the LAN Pub Social put on the events system in the future to better highlight it.

Mullet also said that the downstairs had been pretty much unused during the LAN.

Bucko said that it had previously been used for Console.

Exec discussed showing a film downstairs or introducing some Console tournaments.

Mullet said that there had been a FreeCiv event but only two people had joined. He asked if we could increase the profile of tournaments at future LANs.

Bucko said that Crazy Piglet would like to help.

Action Fluff_eei to contact Crazy Piglet with regards helping at LANs/Tournaments

Bruce asked if we could host a tournament on a society server so people did not need to host them themselves. The Exec agreed this was a good idea in principle and we would look into it for the BFL.

Pizza Order at the LAN

Bucko said that he wanted the official pizza order to arrive earlier.

Sadiq said that Sicilian Pizza had made a good offer - 10% for being a student, possibly BOGOF and only &£1.50 to deliver to campus. We could probably get some of this reduced for a big order.

There was much discussed over whether Sicilian do stuffed crust pizzas.

Bucko listed a firm which we should not order from (name not included).

Root Users Trustability

Bruce told the Exec that a member of the tech team had used a cracked password to gain access to someone’s computer.

Sadiq said he was concerned that doing technical things at LANs might lead to problems because people are in a relaxed frame of mind where they might not think about important issues - such as security.

Mullet said that Tim would need to ensure this didn’t happen again.

Terms of Service

Si asked if there were any problems with the proposed changes to the TOS.

Exec seemed happy with the TOS including Mullet’s first sentence update.

Mullet leaves for a meeting with his supervisor.


Sadiq said him and Si had discussed how to assess the success of the newsletter - essentially are people reading it and how are they using the details. There was some discussion that we may use a small give-away which would be communicated in the Newsletter, thus we could check how many had read it.

There was various discussion about the Newsletter including putting it on Planet.

Alumuni list

Has now been created by Tech Team for ex-members.

Sadiq and Bucko both said that we could invite the alumni to a BBQ.


Three Bugzilla points were closed.

Next Meeting - Tuesday, next week, 16:00, MR3.