Exec Minutes - 8th May 2007

Tue 08 May Meeting Minutes

Present: Mullet, Si, Dan, Lamby, Bruce, Fluff_eei, Polar, Sadiq, Pete, Bucko
Apologies: Tim

Open Source and Alumni

Si told the meeting that following contact from the Alumni relations office the society could potentially be in a position to be part of a new Open Source project. An Alumnus from Warwick has made contact asking how the University used Open Source. We are currently awaiting specific details.

Mullet continued that he and Si had been to see Mike Joy with regards incorporating DCS in the project.

Various project issues were discussed mainly relating to the topic but everyone agreed to adjourn until more details were received.


Fluff_eei said that some of the hap-hazardness of tournaments could be relieved if we agreed to informally arrange some tournaments prior to the LAN.

Action Fluff_eei to look into tournament arrangements.


Action Bruce is to order/purchase screw-drivers for the CompSoc cupboard.

The patches for gaming are not currently available on backus due to the bong not being available. Si reported that the new PSUs were now in his office so we could get on into bong if needed.

Action Fluff_eei to make a decision on where patches are to be located.

LAN Details

Various aspects were discussed mainly relating to some games which were played at Gaming.

Action Bucko to bring his Wii to LAN

Mullet stated that he wanted a projector to advertise CompSoc during the LAN.

Action Mullet to decide on presentation/projection during LAN.


Dan raised the issue of a mid or pre-gaming social. Would we be having this very week?

Sadiq asked whether people would be interested in going to Wing-Wah’s on Sunday. It was decided that this might be included in the Newsletter.

On a non-LAN front, Mullet asked whether Paintballing would be a go-er.

Action Bucko is to contact PaintBall Soc with regards a social.

For the BBQ Pete said that he had a BBQ which could be used. A decision is to be made on this at a later date.

Action Society to purchase two footballs for BBQ.
Action Mullet to check BBQ details (with Bucko/Presidential Box)

Pre-Gaming Social

Dan asked whether we could have a pre-gaming social at Warwick Student Cinema as they were showing Hot-Fuzz. There was much discussion over what Hot-Fuzz was.

Action Dan to contact Student Cinema with regards group social to Hot-Fuzz.


Polar reported that IBM had made contact with regards a meeting on 23rd May.

Action Bucko to try to move IBM meeting.

There has been no contact from Accenture.


Fluff_eei said that gaming had been relatively successful on Friday. Various games did not work due to technical hitches but some of these had been fixed.

Mullet said that there has been some trolling my non-Linux people at Linux in general, given that they had tried hard to make everything accessible this was a bit unfair. Fluff_eei said he would try to sort this out.

Polar asked if when games were fixed for the systems if the details could be put on the Wiki.

Sadiq asked people not to install anything into CompSoc account since it gets cluttered up.

Bruce said that we needed more games, a long discussion started with the results being that we want the following games to work if possible:

Action Pete to check for Worms
Action Andy to poke Pete for Worms


SSLC Feedback Sheets

Bucko suggested that we had SSLC style forms during LANs to see what was popular in a semi-useful, semi-rip take of SSLC.

Action Fluff_eei: To draw up SSLC forms.


Action Sadiq to send prices to exec list for clothing.


Pete raised the issue of Alumni and ex-members and how the exec treated them, specifically was there a policy in how they were or were not included in events run by the society.

Mullet replied that there was no formal policy. Events were generally well publicised for all members and anyone was welcome. Part of the problem was that certain alumni simply wrote emails and IRC messages with nothing but complaints. Some were helpful and some were not. The real focus of the Society was to try to improvement membership and encourage students at Warwick to join otherwise there would not be a society.

Pete replied that various posts of Planet has not helped.

He continued that some past members felt they weren’t welcome anymore, that LANs had in part become programming events and that they were not included in Tech Team any more. The society, he said, was now more like the “Computer Science Society” that the Computing Society. In particular, tech team had seemed very resistent to people who had left.

Mullet said he did not want to be reliant on old members and that we needed to bring new talent in as always to ensure continuity of systems.

Pete asked if exec and tech team could be clearer with the situation.

After various other discussions it was agreed that Tech Team would create the alumni@ email list for people who had left.

Pete said old exec could certainly help with LANs. Also it would be helpful if #gaming would be re-created.

Action Tech Team to recreate #gaming and alumni@uwcs.co.uk

Next Meeting: Tuesday, 16:00, MR3.