Proxy Voting Open!

Thu 15 Feb News Item

Proxy Voting is now open. The candidates are:
*President*: Richard Warburton (Mulletron), Andrew Wheat (Candle)
*Treasurer*: Bruce Tinton (Bruce)
*Secretary*: Simon Hammond (Hamster)
*Tech Officer*: Fred Emmott (Fred), Timothy Retout (Tim)
*Academic Officer*: Arun Prasannan (Polar)
*Gaming Officer*: Chris West (Faux), Andrew Lee (Fluff_eei)
*Wuglug Liaison Officer*: Daniel Watkins (Odd_Bloke)

*Socials Officer* has not received any nominations.

Nominations will be accepted until Tuesday evening inclusive for all positions.

For nominations or proxy voting please email bruce at followed by Can you include your library card number or member number when making a proxy vote.

A reminder for proxy voting:
When deciding your vote, list your choice of candidates for each position in order of preference, 1 favourite with 2 being second favourite etc. There is also the choice of R.O.N., which is re-open nominations for this position. Treat this as any other candidate for every position. At any time you have no further preference for a position, write N.F.P. and don't select any more candidates for that position.