UWCS Exec Minutes - Fri 8th December 2006

Fri 08 Dec Meeting Minutes


1. Apologies

2. Previous Minutes

No one had the previous week’s minutes, but I’m sure we would have approved them at this point.

3. AGM

It was agreed to hold the AGM in week 7, and not to hold an EGM.

4. Emergency Funding

It was agreed to apply for &£750 of emergency funding, with the application to give details of the number of hits on the server, the numbers of societies and users we host, the quantity of data hosted and the throughput of data served.

5. A.O.B.

5.1 Technical services

It was agreed that Fred should raise the complaint about insomnia with ITS.

5.2 Socials for next term

After some discussion, it was agreed that there shall be:

  1. Bowling in Leamington (with a pub meal beforehand), on Thursday Week 3 (25th January 2007), leaving campus at around 6pm.
  2. Karting on Wednesday Week 7 (21st February 2007), leaving campus at around 2pm.

5.3 BFL

It was agreed that David shall contact the Engineering department regarding the BFL.

5.4 Job list

It was agreed that Andrew should look at Bugzilla again.

Additionally, it was agreed that Tim should visit David at some point during the holidays, to assist with the gaming section of the website.

5.5 Google Ambassador

It was agreed that Andrew should find a first-year to become our representative to Google.

6. Date of next meeting

It was agreed that the next exec meeting shall be held on Friday Week 1 next term (12th January 2007).