Newsletter for 24 October 2006

Tue 24 Oct Newsletter




As all of you cannot have failed to notice, it is the first LAN party of the year this weekend. In order to help things run as smoothly as possible, if you are signed up can you please email your MAC address (also known as your ‘hardware address’, this can be found with“ipconfig /all” on Windows or “ifconfig” on Linux), your name, your preferred IP address and who you would most like to sit near to lan at as soon as possible. If you are intending to bring more than one computer (you may bring a maximum of two) you should supply 2 MACs and IP prefered addresses.

The exec would like to remind everyone that alcohol is strictly banned at LANs. This is not because we are wanting to spoil the fun of those attending but because no matter how careful you are, alcohol seriously increases the risk of an accident occurring as well as people being silly. As we are aware people have flouted this rule in the past we will be taking action against anyone who does so in the future. Anyone with alcohol at the LAN will be banned from the remainder of the LAN in progress and banned from the next LAN to take place. Please do not bring alcohol to the LAN.

Gaming Sessions

We are still working hard on re-establishing regular gaming sessions and hope to have some news soon.

Exec meetings

There will be no exec meeting this week due to the LAN. All members are reminded that exec meetings are open and all are welcome to attend. Exec meetings are held at 7:30pm every Friday in meeting room6 in the students union.


The pre-gaming social on Friday starts at 8:30pm in Rootes Reception/The Bar until 10pm when we all head over to gaming for the evening/morning :). If you’ve not been along before, we normally sit down on the chairs in Rootes Reception as a group, just come and introduce yourself, grab some food/drink, even if you don’t want to go gaming.

Linux User Group

Linux User Group meeting, as always, is on Wednesdays, so head along to Union North to Xanana’s Lounge or MR6 (They will be in one of thetwo rooms) between 7 and 10pm. As always if you have any trouble using/installing/fixing Linux on your machine there are plenty of people willing to help.

Internet Relay Chat

You can talk to most regular compsoc members, and all of the exec via compsocs irc server. The connection settings are:

A windows irc client is available from:

Cable / Web Hosting

Compsoc provides many services to it’s members including the sale of Ethernet RJ45 cable, and a shell account and webspace on a Compsoc server.

Base charge for a cable is 40p plus 20p per metre. So,

The shell account on our server Molotov is free, and comes with 20MBof storage and is accessible from the url: . Extra quota is only &£2.50 for an extra 500MB, far cheaper than any hosting provider you’re likely to find.The server is on campus so uploading to it from the residential network/campus machines will be at LAN speeds. More information about our Web Hosting here: