EGM Report

Mon 16 Oct News Item

Due to the recent resignation of our Academic Officer, as many of you may know we just held an Emergency General Meeting to elect a new Academic Officer onto our Exec. Arun Prasannan (Polar) and Graham Hayward (covbob) both stood for the position, and after speeches we held a vote. We're now pleased to announce our new Academic Officer for the remainder of this exec term will be Arun Prasannan (Polar), and that Graham Hayward has kindly offered to help organise academic events from outside the exec. Arun is already in the process of organising academic events for the upcoming terms, including guest lectures and several trips.

On a side note, a member of the society, Christopher West (Faux), is organising a mini-programming contest. While the contest is unaffiliated with the society, we felt some of our members might be interested in taking part: those who are should visit the "website for it":