CompSoc Minutes (26/05/2006)

Fri 26 May Meeting Minutes


Apologies were received from David Buckley (Bucko)

Present (exec members listed first)

Name (IRC Alias)

Andrew Wheat (Candle)
Laurence Hurst (Laurence)
David Byard (db_rat)
Bruce Tinton (Bruce)
Kim Tibbetts-Harlow (Kim)
Sean Connolly (Morlark)
Fred Emmott (Fred)

Jonatan Ring (BlueParrot)
Arun Prasannan (Polar)
Chris West (Faux)
Benjamin Weber (benji)

Members@ List

The exec decided to subscribe the exec list as a moderator to official CompSoc lists which are moderated so any member of the exec can approve pending emails to them.

BFL signups notice

This item was added as Bucko was concerned that there may not have been enough notice of the signups for the end-of-term LAN. Since there appear to have been no complaints made the exec decided that this was a non-issue.

IRC Abuse

The member of the society who was causing problems on the CompSoc IRC network by deliberately irritating other members appears to have calmed down recently, especially since we made it known that we had been in contact with ITS regarding this abuse. Db_rat suggested that we should formalise a procedure to deal with this sort of situation, such as 3 bans from the network and then contacting their ISP. Some of the other members of the exec pointed out that this sort of event happens so rarely that there is little point in having a formal procedure in place for it.


The email from the member who runs the unofficial Compsoc forums, to the exec list was read to the meeting. Despite the points raised by this member, Kim and db_rat felt that the and link on the CompSoc main website make the forums appear sanctioned by the exec, regardless of whether they are or not. The exec decided to remove the redirect and link on the website.

Morlark suggested that any decision on official forums should be differed until the new website was completed, however Kim pointed out that starting new forums now has the advantage of there probably being a reasonable number of posts by the start of next academic year. Fred said that most popular forum software should be easy to integrate into a new website, by using server-side includes or iFrames if necessary. The exec present voted on creating official forums; 4 were in favour, 1 against and 2 abstained. Fred was nominated to organise the provision of official forums.

Gaming group

The meeting were told that someone had approached the society via the unofficial forums with the intention of wanting to organise inter-university gaming. Candle said he was happy to go but didn’t want to organise it. The exec felt it was probably up to Bucko to organise it, as gaming officer.

BBQ plans and times

Kim said he would email the BBQ plans and times to the exec list.

Xan Servers

Fred reported that ITS have been poked several times in the last week but we are still waiting for IP addresses from them.

Status of Bong

Fred told the meeting that Bong was still not rebooting properly and that a new sata card was required as the onboard sata seems to be broken. A replacement PSU is already on the way to replace the existing QTec one which will hopefully fix some of the problems.


Candle said that he would draft an email to Accenture and send it to the exec list for comments.


The minutes of last weeks meeting were agreed.

Any other business

Fred asked about the status of the clothing order. Candle said he needed to sort it out.

Further to the discussion about official forums, it was decided that the exec should be moderators of any such forums.

db_rat said he needed some set dates for next year and would like Kim’s help with it. Kim said he would do so after his exams have finished. Polar reminded the meeting of the Compsoc calendar which can be updated once some dates have been set.

Morlark was concerned by the fact that non of the exec had access to akick on chanserv. The exec decided that there are enough people with op powers to make akick unnecessary.

Kim was concerned that the bot occasionally appears to be unstable. Faux explained that no active development is performed on the bot in #compsoc

db_rat said he would look at the leaflet for inclusion in the ITS pack for new students after the exams.

An Oriely book, or similar, was suggested as a possible prize for db_rat’s academic competition at the BFL.

Bruce was asked to check that the LUG had meeting rooms booked for the remaining LUG meetings this term.