Newsletter for 3 May 2006

Wed 03 May Newsletter

Newsletter. Dont forget our upcoming LAN party.


Video Game Design Society Competition

The Video Game Design Society have invited CompSoc to compete in their 48hr games competition. This is a repeat of the event they have previously held in which teams are invited to spend 48 hours writing a game and see what they have come up with at the end of the time. The results from their previous event were very impressive given the time allowed. The even starts this Friday (5th May) at 8:00 and runs until Sunday. Teams are of up to 3 people.

LAN party

We have about 16 signups for this coming LAN party, and plenty of room so if you want to come, or have never been to a LAN and want to come along just to see what it’s like now is an ideal time to signup. You can signup by logging into our website with your university number and password at . The LAN party starts at 8pm one week on Friday (the 12th) and ends at 8pm the following Sunday (the 14th). You don’t even have to come for the whole event, you would be just as welcome if you turned up part-way through and left before the official end.

Jobs email list

We have an email list for job offers and information which frequently get sent to the exec email list. If you are interested in receiving this sort of information please signup to the list at .
h4. Gaming Sessions

Gaming will be happening as usual this Friday and Saturday from 10pm - 4am in the ITS Rooms along the physics concourse (just after the two sets of automatic doors over the library bridge). Remember to bring headphones, and if a game you want to be played isn’t being played (and it is available to install) just come along and suggest it!


The pre-gaming social on Friday starts at 8:30pm in Rootes Reception/The Bar until 10pm when we all head over to gaming for the evening/morning :). If you’ve not been along before, we normally sit down on the chairs in Rootes Reception as a group, just come and introduce yourself, grab some food/drink, even if you don’t want to go gaming.

Linux User Group

Linux User Group meeting, as always, is on Wednesdays, so head along to Union North to Xanana’s Lounge or MR6 (They will be in one of the two rooms) between 7 and 10pm. As always if you have any trouble using/installing/fixing Linux on your machine there are plenty of people willing to help.

Internet Relay Chat

You can talk to most regular compsoc members, and all of the exec via compsoc’s irc server. The connection settings are:

A windows irc client is available from:

Cable / Web Hosting

Compsoc provides many services to it’s members including the sale of Ethernet RJ45 cable, and a shell account and webspace on a Compsoc server.

Base charge for a cable is 40p plus 20p per metre. So,

Very reasonably priced, and a lot cheaper than a certain reptilian sounding shop near costcutters.

The shell account on our server Molotov is free, and comes with 20MB of storage and is accessible from the url: . Extra quota is only &£2.50 for an extra 500MB, far cheaper than any hosting provider you’re likely to find. The server is on campus so uploading to it from the residential network/campus machines will be at LAN speeds. More information about our Web Hosting here: