Newsletter for 14 February 2006

Tue 14 Feb Newsletter

UWCS Newsletter


AGM Election results

Well the AGM has happened, although the new exec do not take full charge until the start of Term 3. I am sure you all want to know the results, so here they are:

Congratulations to all of them and the best of luck next year.

Ice Skating & Pub Crawl

Just a reminder of the details of Chloe’s email, incase you misplaced it.

We will be going Ice Skating at 1.30 pm, then to the City Arms for dinner at 5 pm and Pub Crawling from there at 7 pm. You can come to as much or as little as you want, but could you please sign up for whichever you want to come to at so I can get a rough idea of how many people are going to be there.

Ice Skating - The Ice Rink is called PlanetIce and is next to the skydome, we will be meeting there at 1.30. The session costs &£6 plus &£1.50 for skate hire, however if we have more than 15 people we won’t have to pay skate hire. Skating is always brilliant fun for all, even if you don’t trust your balance enough and just want to watch! Bring along some extra socks and wear a warm jumper! (Yes, I know I probably sound like your mum)

The CompSoc Pub Crawl Mark 2! - This was an excellent social last time we went, and as far as I could tell fun was had by all! We will be having dinner in the City Arms at 5 pm then starting the crawl at 7pm. The route will be very similar to last time and will be subject to change on the night. The plan is to go to the following pubs: The City Arms, The Albany, The Aardvark, The Shakespeare, The City Wall and The Old Windmill. Don’t worry if you don’t want to drink, there will be plenty of sober people there too, and lots of drunk people to laugh at!

If you have any questions at all about either of these socials then email me at c.m.dives at and if you have any trouble finding us on the night give me a call on 07843 203594.

I’m looking forward to seeing lots of people there, I’m sure we are all going to have a wicked time!

Chloe - CompSoc Social Secretary

Due to these socials there will be no gaming this Saturday.

LAN party

The signups for our next LAN party go live this Wednesday (15th February) at 9:30 for members, and a week on Wednesday (22nd February) at 9:30 for non-members.

Andrew Sully (aka Crazy_Piglet) is organising a small team based Unreal Tournament 2004 tournament which will be running from midnight on Friday until 2:30am. Prizes will be haribo related, so join in for some fast and furious CTF action. Signups will be required for entry into the competition and the signups for this will also go live around 9:30 on Wednesday. More details available from

Just a reminder that if you have any pictures from Compsoc events, we would love to have them on our gallery. You can upload the pictures yourself for all of our event if you have a gellery account. If you do not have a gallery account then you can get one by:

Gaming Sessions

Gaming will be happening as usual this Friday, from 10pm - 4am in the ITS Rooms along the physics concourse (just after the two sets of automatic doors over the library bridge). Saturday gaming is cancelled this week to make way for the pub crawl social. Remember to bring headphones, and if a game you want to be played isn’t being played (and it is available to install) just come along and suggest it!


The pre-gaming social on Friday starts at 8:30pm in Rootes Reception/The Bar until 10pm when we all head over to gaming for the evening/morning :). If you’ve not been along before, we normally sit down on the chairs in Rootes Reception as a group, just come and introduce yourself, grab some food/drink, even if you don’t want to go gaming.

There will also be a pub crawl this week, see above for more details.

Linux User Group

Linux User Group meeting, as always, is on Wednesdays, so head along to Union North to Xanana’s Lounge or MR6 (They will be in one of the two rooms) between 7 and 10pm. As always if you have any trouble using/installing/fixing Linux on your machine there are plenty of people willing to help.

Internet Relay Chat

You can talk to most regular compsoc members, and all of the exec via compsocs irc server. The connection settings are:

A windows irc client is available from:

Cable / Web Hosting

Compsoc provides many services to it’s members including the sale of Ethernet RJ45 cable, and a shell account and webspace on a Compsoc server.

Base charge for a cable is 40p plus 20p per metre. So,

Very reasonably priced, and a lot cheaper than a certain reptilian sounding shop near costcutters.

The shell account on our server Molotov is free, and comes with 20MB of storage and is accessible from the url: . Extra quota is only &£2.50 for an extra 500MB, far cheaper than any hosting provider you’re likely to find. The server is on campus so uploading to it from the residential network/campus machines will be at LAN speeds. More information about our Web Hosting here: