Socials This Term

Thu 12 Jan News Item

I hope everyone had an excellent holiday and is getting back into the swing of things! This is a list of lots of social stuff going on this term, and a couple of non-socialy things too.

One-Off Socials

A CompSoc Pub Crawl!

Week 3, Wednesday (18th Jan), 7 pm City Arms or 6.30 pm Campus Bus Stop

I have not yet planned a specific route, however we will be pub crawling from the city arms on wednesday night and it will be lots of fun! There's no need to worry that it will all just be drinking, there will also be people not drinking (incl our lovely president) and it's more an excuse to sample lots of pubs and chat to lots of people through the evening! There will be more details on this closer to the date, but please keep the evening free!

Week 5, Thursday Evening

Go Karting!

Yay! I hear you say, Go Karting!! If you want a chance to prove yourself on the track, join us in a mini grand prix. The event will cost £20 and I will be trying to get cars together to get there. I will be sending out a dedicated email for this social as soon as signup opens with lots more details!

Week 7, Day TBC

Ice Skating!

Even if you don't want to skate, its fun to watch people fall over and we will be going out for a drink afterwards, so come along anyways! Details TBC. :o)

Week 9/10


What more can I say...Laserquest and wicked wicked CompSoc fun in one evening!?

Regular Socials:

Every Monday we will be in the City Arms from 7 pm. Come along for dinner and/or a drink and some lively conversation. If you don't know where the pub is and want some handy directions or someone to go along with then give me a call. There is no better way to start your week!

Every Friday at 8pm - 10pm there is a Pre-Gaming social in The Bar on Campus (In the Rootes Social Building). We get together to have some food and a laugh before heading on to gaming. Gaming is not mandatory for coming to this social, so just come along to get to know people, or to talk to people before wiping the floor with them in games!

Other Weekly CompSoc Events

Friday 7pm The Exec Meeting!

Exec Meetings are open to all members of the society, so if you are interested in what is going on, or are thinking of running for a position at the AGM this term then come along and see whats happening!Meetings are in one of the meeting rooms in Union North, we are usually recognisable.

Wednesday Linux User Group Meetings 7pm in the Lounge in Union North. Turn up to talk about all things Linuxy :o) Get in Touch with Tim Retout via the exec list ( if you want to know more!

If you have any problems or want to know anything about all of the above please email the exec list and I will get back to you!.

Looking forward to seeing everyone lots this term! (And working, honest)


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