h3. Compsoc Minutes 28/10/2005

Fri 28 Oct Meeting Minutes


David (Bucko), Christopher (MFJ), Tim, Chloe, Ian (icStatic), Robert (Murphy), benji, Adam (ajmiles), Laurence, sadiq, catherine, Phil (DrWatson)

48 Hour Game Coding Event

IBM are OK with us spending 75% of the money on the event itself, with the rest going towards prizes. Event is good to go next Friday.

Programming Competition

Laurence is going to talk about to Stephen Jarvis about getting a room booked by DCS so we can use the Audio/Visual equipment. The framework also needs to be actually coded…


The MySQL database locking “bug” needs to be fixed before Choob is unleashed in #compsoc. The bug simply locks the database when ~ 60 !tells are sent to the bot in one second. Faux will finished !events soon, while !dict is a bit verbose with what it says. Choob also has a ticketing system.

Hursley Trip

The trip is booked for November 16th, Wednesday Week 8. The coach will cost approximately £4 per person if the coach is filled with 49 people (the capacity of the coach).

Signups will open either tonight or tomorrow, and it will also get a plug in lectures. Sadiq notes that an industrial trip such as this will be attractive to engineering students that need “PDR” points.


Compsoc is acquiring two old servers / nodes from an old CSC cluster. RaW has agreed to host them in their racks. Phil (DrWatson) would like to use one as a replacement for Egor, while the other one can be used to experiment with virtual machines for developing “stuff”. They’ll need a new hard drive, but the spec of the machines is a dual P3 866Mhz, 512MB Server RAM. Phil would also need/like a 5 port 100mbit switch costing about £20.

LAN Signups

It was noticed that there were a couple of people that signed up for the LAN but didn’t even turn up. It is suggested that in future people that takes spots at the LAN but don’t turn up should be moved to the bottom (and then to the reserves) of the next LAN by means of a punishment/deterrant to others.

A priority system / a number of reserved spaces for freshers might be a good idea to encourage more freshers to come to the first LAN.

Console Tournament

Overall the console tournament quite well, even with the limited numbers of people participating. If Vince (Rakurai) would like to organise more console tournaments at future LANs then he is more than welcome to.

Music Server

It is noted that the use of the music server was slightly unbalanced throughout the LAN, and overly noisy towards the end. Phil (DrWatson) suggests that more speakers could be bought that could be placed in the middle/ends of each table, so if as a group a table doesn’t want the music on their side of the room, it can be turned off. But generally the volume needs to be kept to levels that are accceptable to those not wanting to listen to it, yet audible to those that do.