h3. Compsoc Minutes 14/10/2005

Fri 14 Oct Meeting Minutes

Exec Attendance at Gaming

After a brief discussion/clarification about who is a “trusted member” for the purposes of knowing the gaming password and being left to run the session, it is decided that exec, ex-exec and Euan (zx64) are “trusted”.

It is noted that when gaming is finished, any trusted members must make sure every machine is checked to be in working order. The password to the account will also be changed to make sure only the trusted members now know the password.

Hursley Trip

Sadiq has picked up a vehicle booking form which will be filled out with Chloe soon. A meeting will be arranged for next Wednesday with Yvonne to double-check timings/dates. Tim will send out an email to arrange said meeting.

48 Hour Game Coding Competition

An event will be put up on the UWCS website this evening to advertised the event. Signups are required and guest accounts will be provided to people of the VGDS (and others) who aren’t members of Compsoc.

The guest lecture from Blitz Games (the makers of Dizzy etc) entitled “From Concept to Console” will be hosted next week. This event will be added to Tuesday’s newsletter. Video Game Design Soc have posters already prepared and will be putting them up around campus.

Programming Competition

Dates/Rooms will be finalised by Laurence and Adam (ajmiles) tonight and passed onto Sadiq so he can inform Accenture.

LAN Setup

The LAN “techies” will be Euan (zx64), Fred (Fred), David (db_rat) and Graham (BigG), places are reserved for these four. We have the room booked from 6pm on Friday, so setup will start then, but as per the last LAN, no setting up of PC’s until 8pm.

Since the seating plan worked quite well at the BFL another one will be drawn up by Laurence in the next day or so. Signs to be put up on the doors will be modified and reprinted so randoms don’t keep walking into the LAN asking what’s going on. Some smaller signs to stick over the power sockets in LIB1 downstairs will be made too.

Phil (DrWatson) asks for a quick list of who has what in the way of gigabit switches to make sure we have the required hardware.

New Website

There has been a change of plan with regards to the website.

The new events system is quite hard to get working, and a pain to code. It is noted that the current website is not easily maintainable, and if once some of the “older” members leave no one knows how to use it, we’re in trouble. With people like David (db_rat), Euan (zx64) and Laurence involved they’ll be people who know what they’re doing for years to come.

It is also noted that it others outside the main group responsible for the website should be informed how it’s coming along (in case they later take interest).

Ticketing System

Phil (DrWatson) outlines that there three possible ways of going about the new ticketing system.

  1. ) All messages sent to the exec list become tickets except those that come from exec members. One or two exec members filter out the spam from the system, and mark tickets that are worthwhile responding to.
  1. ) We setup an email address such as “newtickets at uwcs dot co dot uk” and tickets are sent there, again with people filtering out spam/rubbish.
  1. ) We setup a webform on the uwcs website where people can submit tickets that way.

Phil may be able to start making the bones of a web ticketing system on Sunday depending on workload.

None of the three possibilities was decided on.

Mailing Lists

Phil (DrWatson) will setup the new social/academic/gaming/admin mailing lists so people are only spammed with the emails they actually want to receieve. Things like the minutes and agenda can go to the admin list.

The spam filter will also be poked very soon so it stops gobbling up so many emails.

BOT / Choob

JafferBOT is a new suggestion courtesy of Phil (DrWatson). The upside is that it still has the initials JB, like JinglyBOT. Skumby suggested Clippy, and “JanglyBOT” is another suggestion we’d need to run past Matt (Banana) if people liked it.

Of the exec members present, Sadiq, DrWatson, Tim, Chloe and Laurence voted in favour of JanglyBOT, reaching a majority. As a backup plan JafferBOT could be used, or failing that “NoodlyBOT”.

The BOT changeover will hopefully happen on Wednesday afternoon.