CompSoc Clothing!

Thu 02 Jun News Item

This coming Monday, we will be placing an order for official Computing Society clothing. You can order any of the following items:

* Sweatshirt (example) - &£11.45
* T Shirt (example) - &£7.25
* Polo Shirt (example) - &£9.95
* Hoodie (example) - &£15.85
* Zip-neck fleece (example) - &£19.95

If you would like your name written on the clothing, this will cost an extra &£1.76 per item. Our clothing will be black, and an example of how they might look is at

Once you have decided what you would like, please sign up to the clothing order (check the event signup, accessible from the navigation bar on the left of the website), enter your size (A guide to sizes can be found at, and get your money to an exec member as soon as possible.

Edited by Philip Stoneman on 2005-06-03 23:37:28.