CompSoc Minutes 13/05/2005

Fri 13 May Meeting Minutes

CompSoc Minutes 13/05/2005

Exec In Attendance


With some reflection on last week’s LAN, the following points are mentioned:

If you turn up early (before 8pm), put your PC to one side and help setup.

After all the debate of the Exec meeting from ~ 2 weeks ago about World of Warcraft, it appears it wasn’t a massive problem. A few disgruntled attendees felt WoW did dominate too much, but the general concensus was that it was ok. New and different tournaments for the BFL should make sure WoW isn’t a problem at the next LAN. Paul (NeXuS7) attributes low WoW playage to the fact a lot of people are lvl60 and have “finished”.


The Trackmania tournament went well with around 16-17 people participating, Robo won.


The use of a projector at the BFL is discussed with these points being raised:

BFL Signups

After some discussion about when signups should open for members, non-members etc, the following was decided.

Music Server

After an /interesting/ discussion about Perl, it’s decided the Music Server may get a rewrite courtesy of Pete in the near future, work dependent.

Next Year

Again, after much discussion the following list of events was provisionally decided on:


Group Software Development

Also discussed is the idea of GSD tutorials in things such as:

It’s mentioned that UML may clash with an existing course run by DCS. No dates were set for any of the above, with more to be decided in the future.

Guest Lectures

The plan is to have 6 guest lectures in total:


The first “social” of next year where we welcome the freshers will be helf on Thursday Week 3 with a room to be booked as soon as room bookings allow it (term 1).

A list was drawn up of events that could/will be happening next year:

The plan is also to setup a socials mailing list separate to members@.


To be included in the next newsletter will be:

Compsoc Clothing

After Si1entDave’s last exam he will draw up some Clothing related material/forms so people can (quickly) signup for what they want.

Piazza Welcome-Pack Leaflet

Nexus (Paul) is to upload the leaflet, and Sadiq will talk to piazza about making sure it’s in next year’s pack.