CompSoc Minutes 18/04/2005

Mon 18 Apr Meeting Minutes

CompSoc Minutes 18/04/2005

In Attendance



Chloe has sorted out bowling and signups close tomorrow morning (19th April) with the event to go ahead on Thursday 21st. Due to the large amount of signups and many people needing lifts, Chloe will email the people going with details of bus times so most people can go on the same bus.

Pre-Gaming Social

Chloe is also planning (go Chloe!) a pre-gaming social in the Graduate and will send out an email about this when times and such have been confirmed. It will also go in the newsletter.


Signups will open two weeks before the Week 3 LAN for members, and one week before for guests. It’s also agreed that as soon as the date of a LAN is known it will go on the events list as soon as possible giving people more time to see it.

Phil (DrWatson) suggests a social at the Varsity on the Saturday evenings of LANs. Since many people already do this it would be a good idea to formalise it a bit more. It is noted that the rooms can’t be left empty, and exec must be present to keep watch on people/equipment.


Tim confirmed the keysigning at the Week 3 LAN is good to go and will also be put in this week’s newsletter.


It is suggested that Tim works with icStatic and others to work out what games can be played under Linux for the LAN. Once a list is drawn up and instructions on how to get them working Tim will email the LUG list.

Guest Lectures

With time rapidly running out to organise a guest lecture this term, and people starting to get their heads down for revision, it’s decided our efforts are best put into organising ones for Term 1 of next year.


Chloe is to talk to Sadiq about booking a barbeque site for the end of term with the university. We also need to find out whether the university can supply any barbeques or if we’ll have to buy one for the event.

Impact Courses

Richard (Si1entDave) produces the details on the Impact courses exec members have to take this term. A timetable of events and who is required for which course will be produced and mailed to the exec list this evening.

O’Reilly Books

Richard (Si1entDave) filled out and returned the O’Reilly questionnaire for the second time and returned it to them a few weeks ago, nothing has been heard since. He’ll chase this up to see what is happening soon.

Compsoc Clothing

With little interest shown in clothing so far it’s decided a point really needs to be made and definite plans drawn up. Si1entDave will whip up a webpage with a specific collection of what can/will be ordered with a signup form for those interested.

Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Social

A quick straw poll of members in the exec meeting shows a large support for this going ahead. Chloe will get back to the Sci-Fi society to confirm we’d like to partner them in this event.

Compsoc Money

Tim (Zephran) and Ian (icStatic) will get back to the exec as soon as possible with an exact figure on how much money Compsoc currently has.


An effort this week is going to be made this week to contact Paul (NeXuS7) to check he is still with us. It’s agreed a failure to turn up to next week’s exec meeting could lead to another gaming officer appointed.