CompSoc Minutes 25/02/2005

Fri 25 Feb Meeting Minutes

CompSoc Minutes 25/02/2005

In Attendance


Tim and Sadiq talked to Yvonne from IBM about the possibility of the following:

IBM to pay for the production of 200 Knoppix CDs to be distributed next year as was done this year. They may also donate 100 for the LUG project to develop device drivers, which will go towards hardware.

IBM may also help fund the trip to Hursley Park trip next year. If Compsoc raises 3-4 from members attending, IBM will fund the remainder. A 50 (fifty) person limit still applies due to Health and Safety reasons. However we are still waiting to hear back from Yvonne for confirmation.


A “Codathon” is planned for Week 5 or 6 of Term 1 in 2005/2006 year, IBM have been informed.


Paul Broadbridge is organising a Karting social for Week 10, details to be added to the events list soon.

Red Nose Day

A charity Counterstrike (CS) event was discussed. The idea being a dedicated CS server with “admin mod” allowing players to buy privileges. Paul will register to get a Red Nose Day pack. Raven Shield and Unreal Tournaments servers were also suggested, with perhaps one of these two being setup alongside CS.

Exec Handover

At least one full exec meeting will be shared between the current and future execs to ensure a smooth transition. Chris Bates informed the exec that the handover will officially happen when Sadiq gives in the form with the new exec on. Sadiq recommends this happens in Week 10 of Term 2.

External Hosting

This will cost 6 per month and will be budgeted for in the coming budget.

Budget - Gaming Quota

The budget for next year is due by the Monday of Week 10.

The exec discussed hard disk space required for games at the weekly gaming sessions. A list is drawn up of possible games and the space they’ll require.

It is decided to wait until post budget to ask ITS for a quote. Provisional 10.

Budget - New Hardware

After much discussion of potential upgrades to existing servers the following was decided on.

Budget - LAN Prizes

The exec discussed how much to budget for prizes at future LANs and ?150 was decided on. 20 per weekend LAN leaving 50 for the BFL in Term 3.

Budget - Advertising

After reflecting on the previous year the exec decides on 50 for advertising

Budget - Guest Lectures

The exec decides more frequent guest lectures next year will mean a greater proportion of the budget should go towards transport costs for the lecturers. In light of this the exec decides on 150.

Budget - Social Events including Academic Trips

The exec decides to budget 300 for the social events and academic trips i.e. Bletchley Park.

Budget - Projector

Tim Troy will investigate the cost of a projector for use at lectures given by Compsoc and possible use at LANs. Although it is expected the cost will be too great to justify.

Budget - UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)

After a brief discussion about the benefits of budgeting for backup power for Compsoc servers the exec decided that it was not necessary. It was noted any power outage will bring down the network anyway meaning keeping the server up was pointless.

Budget - Cable Treads

The exec discussed buying cable treads to ensure cables at LANs were kept out of the way, eliminating the chance of people tripping. At 40 for 9 metres of tread Sadiq noted duct tape would probably suffice and the extra expense was not worth it.

Other Business