Insomnia Downtime

Wed 08 Dec News Item

Unfortunately, Insomnia, one of the computing society servers is currently non-functional. It went down for a scheduled 2-minute reboot for a kernel upgrade, and never came back. As soon as ITS let us into their server room, it will be fixed. However, given that we're not in term time, getting hold of someone with enough security access who can let us in is proving to be fun. We have a call number, we have a support request, no-one has got back to us yet. Unfortunately, mail for domains hosted by CompSoc goes through Insomnia. As such, mail to domains hosted with us is either bouncing or stacking up on mail servers between the sender and Insomnia, depending on how the sending server is configured. We'll keep you posted on what's going on, but it could be days before they let us in. We apologise for the inconvenience this must be causing, but at this time the matter is out of our hands.

UPDATE: We plan to do a temporary fix on this one this evening, by bouncing all mail for hosted domains through, the router at House of Geek (Si1entDave, DrWatson, et al.) This we can do because we control the domain records, so we can change the MX records. This will be a temporary measure until we can get into the ITS server room, but it will get the mail flowing again.

Edited by Richard Wilson on 2004-12-09 13:06:14.