CompSoc Minutes 15/10/2004

Fri 15 Oct Meeting Minutes

CompSoc Minutes 15/10/2004

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Server Downtime

Richard Wilson informed the exec that the server downtime scheduled for this weekend would begin at 1:30 due to the badmintion society having signups for an event this weekend. Richard Wilson then asked if there were any further requests with regards to what time the servers would be taken down, there were none

Joe Winchester (Eclipse)

Peter Ellis onformed the exec that the Joe Winchester lecture is on the 27th of this month so we wnat to begin advertising it now. Andrew Sully agreed to do posters for the event, Peter Ellis agreed to give him the required information as soon as possible.

Peter Ellis also agreed to talk to Steve Jarvis and Doron/Ananda about in lecture advertising. The exec agreed that this coming Wednesday morning would be a good time to advertise in ISE, the exec also suggested advertising compsoc services in these lectures. At this point Richard Wilson pointed out that we want to ensure we have a disclaimer about what happens if our server goes down, the exec agreed.

Peter Ellis agreed to organise the room for this event.

Hursley trip

Peter Ellis informed the exec that he had put both signup and newsletter information on the website, Peter Ellis also requested that Tim Troy organise the transport for the event.

Sadiq Jaffer agreed to ask the EUO about getting PDR points signed off for the event to encourage engineering students to attend.

Peter Ellis agreed to E-mail IBM about a possible subsidising of the coach, a provisional figure was that we would provide £5 per person plus £100 and ask IBM to cover the rest.

Bletchley park trip

The exec agreed that organising a trip to bletchley park in term 2 would be a good idea, Peter Ellis agreed to organise it and Andrew Sully agreed to do any posters.

Peter Ellis reminded the exec that IBM have asked us to put a lint to one of their pages on our website saying “Supported by IBM”. Chris boyle agreed to do this.


Peter Ellis asked for items to put in the compsoc newsletter, the following items were suggested by the exec.

Programming competition

Andrew Sully agreed to send the programming competition mails to the exec list CP, spam progcomp stuff to the exec list. PP to talk to Steve jarvis, PP to mail Accenture. Booklet, spam off DCs printers perhaps?


Richard Wilson asked the exec how we would divide out the people between the rooms for the LAN, the exec decided that we would let people go where they wanted subject to power distribution.

Chris boyle mentioned that he would only be there for setup and takedown of the LAN as he is going to cambrige that weekend, he would however finish the icecast script for the music server before he left.

TOS documents

The exec decided that the TOS documents were taking too long and therefore Peter Ellis should do the rewrite and then send them to the exec list for approval.

Gaming account

Peter Ellis informed the exec that ITS have told us that we can only have a 10 gig quota on the suahu account unless we pay 20 pounds per gig for more space. Richard Wilson summarised the 3 options for the exec. If we want more quota we have to pay or possibly talk to ITS about the signed agreement we have. We could mount the files on bong and use H for savegame storage etc or if we think we can manage with 10 gig then we manage with 10 gig.

The exec decided that we don’t want ot make too much trouble for ITS as they do us a lot of favours already and therefore mounting all the installers off bong and talking about signed agreements was not a good idea. Tim Troy informed the exec that he did not think that the society was in a position to pay 20 pounds per gig for more quota at the time. Therefore the decision of the exec was to live with a 10 gig quota for the moment.

Euan MacGregor agreed to move lesser used games on to bong with appropreate permissions to free up some space on the H drive at gaming. He also agreed to ask ITS about new drivers for the computers as there is currently a problem with the openGL support.


Tim Troy briefly summarised the accounts for the exec. We have the following assets:

Total: £708

Tim Troy also said that he estimates we have 50-60 in liabilities and requested that any people with outstanding claims forward them to him.

Tim Troy also pointed out that we are still getting monies from signups filtering through and thus this picture was not entirely accurate, therefore the exec requested that Tim Troy post a summary of the accounts to the exec list.


CP to redo java/swing tutorial for 2nd week of term 2. Lucidion and PP and Euan to do LaTeX tutorial for week 1 term 2.