Newsletter for 9 October 2004

Sat 09 Oct Newsletter

Newsletter 2004/10/09

Newsletter 2004/10/09

Hi everyone and welcome to the new year at Warwick.

  1. Login Problems
  2. Welcome to new members
  3. IBM Linux Challenge
  4. Socials
  5. Gaming
  6. LAN
  7. LUG
  8. Network Cable

0. Login Problems

We are currently experiencing some problems synchronizing our members database with the unions one, this has delayed some of the E-mails to new members. If you have joined the society and can’t login to the website then please E-mail the exec ( and we will fix it.

1. Welcome to new members

Hello and welcome to all the new members, we hope you will enjoy being part of the society. There is a welcome meeting this Saturday in union north with free food and drink so come along, meet your fellow members and learn more about the society.

If you have any queries then our website ( or mailing the exec ( are good ways to get help.

2. IBM Linux challenge

This year we are being sponsored by IBM and as a result they bare sending many interesting people to talk to us about nifty things. The first event this term is the IBM Linux challenge. A Linux guru by the name of Niel Richards is coming to give us a talk to us about this next Wednesday (13th) at 2pm (the location will be confirmed in another mail) and it will be interesting even if you don’t plan to enter.

Details about the competition itself are below.

Take the IBM Linux Challenge. New Challenge for University students to make improvements to Linux, create usability tools or enhancements, or design Linux applications. Prizes will be awarded to the top 20 students who will receive an IBM ThinkPad ® with Linux and will also have the opportunity to qualify for one of three summer 2005 Internships at our Linux Technology Center. There will also be a University Award, one (1) Linux 16-node ‘start-up’ cluster, given to the university who has the highest overall average from their students’ entries.

3. Socials

Pub socials are as usual this term, meet at the city arms at 7pm for an evening of being randomly sociable and generally having a good time. If you don’t know where the city arms is then go to and look at the pub social link or e-mail and i will mail you back with directions and a phone number to ring if you are lost.

The first CompSoc trip of term is a trip to the cinema on Sunday 17th of October (end of week 3) to the skydome in Coventry, watch the website for further details.

4. Gaming

Unfortunately the quota issue is still not fixed, we are bugging ITS as much as is polite but it will probably still be an issue for the first gaming session of this term. There are workarounds so gaming will still go ahead

5. LAN

The first LAN of term is the Weekend at the end of week 4 (22nd to 24th) in L1 and L2 (the big rooms on your left as you exit the library. Sign-ups open this Friday (15th) at 23:00 for members and at 20:00 on the following Sunday (17th) for guests and they always go quickly.

6. LUG

The LUG meet every week at 7:30 in Xananas lounge for discussion of Linux related things, at the moment they are running a series of tutorials on setting up a Linux based router to share broadband round a house. It is also a fun and sociable way to spend a Wednesday evening.

7. Network Cable

We still sell high quality CAT6 cable to our members. The price is a 50p base charge plus 50p per meter for the first 10 meters plus 40p for every meter thereafter. For example, 20m will cost you 0.50 + 5.00 + 4.00 = 9.50.