Newsletter for 19 June 2004

Sat 19 Jun Newsletter

Update - 2004/06/19

Update - 2004/06/19

Howdy all!

Tomorrow, from 2pm onwards, is the annual CompSoc BBQ!

Before the details of the BBQ, a quick notice. Due to an upgrade to the IRC service, IRC shall be disrupted for about ten minutes at 11pm tonight. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

We shall be situated at main campus BBQ site 1. To find it, simply follow Health Centre road down to the Gibbet Hill lake and then turn right - we should be right there.

Paul Broadbridge, our social secretary, has produced the following map which may be of use:

The BBQ is a Bring-Your-Own affair, so remember food for yourself and to share, and whatever your favourite tipple is for drink. But don’t worry if you can’t cook - a number of members experienced in such matters have offered to supervise the BBQs.

There will be paper plates, plastic cups and the like available to use, and rubbish bags for once things are finished with.

I look forward to seeing all of you and your friends tomorrow. :)

Michelle D’israeli
(Academic Officer)