CompSoc Minutes - 2004/06/18

Fri 18 Jun Meeting Minutes

CompSoc Minutes - 2004/06/18

In attendence


The Port Patch request has been sent with reply to

Richard Wilson and Chris Boyle were tasked to check the firewall scripts on bong; tt was agreed that the techteam woud review the policy on intenet access.

The exec formally agreed that the issue of music in the LAN rooms would be put to a vote on a per room basis. Concern over the electrical power ratings of the rooms was voiced given the disparity between the numbers of people wanting to be in each room that this will cause an issue. Richarfd Wilson and the technical team are to work this out on the day. It was stated at this point that their decisions would be final.

Maximum Weasels request
Peter Ellis had already dealt with it saying that he could put Weasel down as a reserve, which was declined.


The necessary equipment was verified to have been organised and it detailed below:

Tech stuff


Chris Boyle is to continue fixing the bugs/missing features in the wiki.


Insomnia will have extended downtime over the summer due to needing to be fixed. The rootusers taking over from Richard Wilson due to him being in Wales IRC server is moving to TOV3.

Last meeting next week

It was decided that the last meeting would be this week not next week but there would be a brief meeting to assign jobs over the summer.

Holiday contact details

People to E-mail Peter Ellis with an E-mail address and a mobile phone number for contact over holiday


Michelle: Steve Jarvis is plugging us in the CS118 guide. Single A4 page allocated to us. Steve jarvis judging progamming competition.

Timothy Troy requested that this terms finance stuff be given to him by to him by Sunday. Richard Wilson requested that Timothy troy send him the inventory and a sample invoice sheet.

David Buckley was reminded about the new website.

Richard Wilson stated that he is relying on people to do work over the summer as he will not be present.

Timothy troy stated that the finance cards are sorted.

Michelle was assigned to sort out revision guides.

Meeting ajourned