CompSoc Minute - 2004/05/21

Fri 21 May Meeting Minutes

CompSoc Minute - 2004/05/21


Donation of Hardware

Matt Bergin offered us a machine for hosting space for Warwick comedy, the specs of which are detailed below. A discussion on the uses of said machine and the services would be rendered for the donation of said machine was briefly held but was postponed for a meeting of the technical team to avoid cluttering up the exec meeting.

At this point Matt Bergin left.

Peter Ellis apologized for the lack of a written agenda due to various personal problems he had over the week.

Finance Cards

Peter Ellis queried if the finance cards from the previews meeting had been sorted, David Buckley informed the meeting that the president had to go and sort them and Richard Wilson was job listed to go and get finance cards for the coming year.

Christian Bates then pointed out that we have not yet sorted out the inventory for next year, Timothy Troy was job listed to sort this out and mail Richard Wilson with it asap.


Paul Broadbridge confirmed the details of the barbecue as 1400-1700 on the 20th of June at site one, he also informed the meeting that a fire extinguisher was sorted. David Buckley offered the services of his barbecue for the even which were accepted. Paul broadbridge was job listed to check on the regulations about gas barbecues being used..


The exec confirmed that all arrangements for the BFL are in place.

Film Social

Another film social was and it was agreed that ideas for this would be sent to the exec list.


Peter Ellis apologised for the delay in sending the newsletter and explained that he was rather short on /news/ to put in it, the meeting in general agreed to E-mail him stuff to put in.


The exec wish to thank Sariel for taking the time to test forum software and report his findings to us. In the light of these findings it was decided that we would be migrating back to PHPBB as it has a clear and active development road map and good community support. Richard Wilson was tasked to sort this unless any further suggestions were received by the next meeting.


David Buckley noted that the exec needs to plan the first gaming session of the next year to be less lame so we can actually /keep/ some of the first years around. Richard Wilson was tasked to renew our lease on the right to do gaming.

Programming Competition

It was agreed that there would be a newsletter item on the programming competition and they this and the proposal would be written in the programming competition meeting.


David Buckley was tasked to send suggestion on how to run next years OSP to the exec and OSP lists.


Peter Ellis apologised for not redrafting these due to time constraints so the matter was left for later discussion.


Due to the pleasantly surprising reaction to the member who was disciplined last week, it was decided that he would be offered full JinglyBOT privileges again.

The meeting was then adjourned.