CompSoc Minutes - 2004/05/14

Fri 14 May Meeting Minutes

CompSoc Minutes - 2004/05/14


Piazza Leaflet and Freshers Fayre Stand

Peter Ellis apologised for not having begun work on the freshers fayre stand and was joblisted to actually do this.

Paul Broadbridge distributed printed copies of the draft Piazza leaflet however to save time it was decided that he would post a link to the exec list and people would send comments to the list.


Paul Broadbridge was asked to send a status report on this to the exec list and to check on the regulations surrounding the event particularly those surrounding what equipment we are permitted to use. Paul Broadbridge also mentioned that regulations require that we have a fire extinguisher and offered to arrange this.

Van Hellsing Social

It was confirmed that the Van Hellsing social is booked and ready to go ahead on Saturday.


It was confirmed that the website had been updated with the new location, Paul Broadbridge pointed out that the information page and especially the photos on it were somewhat out of date and should be updated. The exec as a whole were tasked to find new pictures to go on said page and David Buckley was asked to update the page itself.

Escape Games

Escape games is a new gaming based cybercafe in Leamington Spa, they expressed interest in a partnership of sorts with the computing society and gave us literature about the store. Peter Ellis is to bring said literature to the next gaming session for people to look at.

Exec Handover

The exec as a whole confirmed that all to the courses required by the students union had been taken by members of the exec with the exception of Duty of Care which Richard Wilson agreed to take.

It was also mentioned that we need to get finance cards sorted for the new exec. Peter Ellis and Richard Wilson are to be on one and Timothy troy and Andrew Sully are to be on the other.


Richard Wilson thanked all exec who helped at the LAN and asked for any suggestions or comments to be sent to the exec list. It was suggested that for the BFL we need a seating plan, a way of measuring in advance the current drawn by each computer and a way for people to express their preference for a room on the sign ups. Suggestions for these ware decided to go on the exec list.


The stratus of the servers was posted to the exec list by Phil Stoneman and thus this item was already resolved.

Complaints procedure

The exec agreed by majority vote that formalising a complaints procedure was unnecessary.


It was suggested that the exec list requires a ticketing system to be implemented so we can tell who has responded to which mail on the list.

It was suggested that we need to formalise the both the Terms of Service documents as a whole and the system for the status of ex-exec members. Peter Ellis was assigned to produce drafts for these and post them to the exec list.

Disciplinary Measures

Richard Wilson (RW) summarised for the exec the issue which had arisen regarding a script that was making administration on Molotov difficult which was run by an ex member of the exec, a copy of which was shown to the exec. Due to some minor controversy about some correspondence on this subject that was sent to the exec list, RW explained that he had CC’d the exec list with his correspondence with the member in question to keep the issue open. He also expressed a wish to keep the issue transparent which was applauded by the exec.

At this point, RW called a vote on whether people thought his actions thus far were justified:

RW then asked the exec the question “Where do we go from here?”

The exec agreed that there were no grounds for either membership termination or for a suspension of the member’s Molotov account.

RW explained that it had been suggested to him that we may not want the individual in question to be seen as a representative member of the society, and as such whether certain priveleges should be removed: Channel operator status in official society channels and a higher level of access to the JinglyBOT which resides in them (JinglyBOT privileges are not an official society privilege, however the maintainers had allowed the exec to make the decision on their behalf).

There was a long discussion of each item seperately, with op privileges coming to a vote first and bot privileges being discussed bearing this decision in mind.

Removal of operator privileges in official society channels:

Removal of privileges for the JinglyBOT:

The exec then decided that there would be both a formal E-mail and written communication to the member of the decisions of this meeting which would be sent at midnight on Sunday 16/05/2004, and decided the sanctions agreed on would be enacted just before then.