Newsletter for 6 May 2004

Thu 06 May Newsletter

Update 2004/05/06

Update 2004/05/06

Great News Everyone!

The Uni electricians finally got back to us, (thanks John) and we have been told that we have enough power for 40 people. Thus all of you who wanted to come, but there wasn’t room, now there is. We’re sorry it is such short notice, but there was nothing we could do. We decided it was better this way than to risk getting 40 signups, and then having to tell the last 20 that they couldn’t come after all.

That said, roll on the LAN!

Also, for those of you that don’t like getting spammed by CompSoc too often, sorry to bother you, but we wanted as many people to know and have the opportunity to take part as possible.

President, UoW CompSoc

Transmission ends…
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